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Patch notes can be discussed here. (Pledged Alpha Supporters Only)Player Run MerchantsAnything can be listed for sale including containers with items insideInitial charge of 100 coins and 1...

0.3.4 Patch Notes: Catacombs Lower Level and so so much more! on wildstar-gold

Patch notes can be discussed here. (Pledged Alpha Supporters Only)

  • Player Run Merchants
    • Anything can be listed for sale including containers with items inside
    • Initial charge of 100 coins and 10% commision for all sales.
    • In Celador, they are found wandering the Refugee area. In Outlands, they are at the Celador gate.
    • There is a new engraving tool for sale at the general store that can be used to rename containers in your possession. This allows you to mark chests with items for sale so they can be identified by potential customers.
  • Unity 5 Upgrade
    • Along with the Unity 5 upgrade comes some miscellaneous graphical improvements.
    • Some users may notice a slight performance improvement
  • Catacombs Lower Level
    • 5 different configurations that randomly change like the upper level
    • New raid boss encounter – Death
    • Mini bosses –
      • Warpsoul the Crusher (Wraith Knight)
      • Ghost of the Dead Giant (Giant Phantom)
      • Sidcharm the Reanimated (Revenant)
      • Rahab the Madame (Succubus)
    • New Enemies – Death Skulls, Succubus, Gargoyles, Ravenous Ghosts, Hell Guard, Banshee, Void Shadows, Void Ogre, Fiends, Tainted Imps
    • New Quests
      • Fruit of Life – Find the Fruit of Life in the Catacombs
      • General of the Enemy – Find the general of Kho’s armies and slay him.
      • Beast of the Void – Slay the Void Guardian
    • New Items
      • Book of Portal Summoning – Allows user to open a portal to their bind point once every three hours.
      • Magnifying Glass – Gives you a short description of an item.
      • Unique weapons – Scythe of Death, Ghostsplitter, Guard of the Void One, The Void-Reaver, Fist of the Necromancer, Scepter of the Soul-Swallower, The Void Defender, The Skullbreaker, The Soul-Stealer, Blade of the Strangers
  • Outlands Content
    • New Quests
      • The Insurrection – Ascertain the nature of the rebellion in the Outlands
      • The Dragon of the Outlands – Slay the dragon in the Outlands
      • The Would-Be-King – Kill the rebel leader for the Guardian Order
      • The Puppet – Kill the Mayor for the Outlands rebels
    • Dragon Encounter
      • Dragon has been updated with new combat abilities and butchery resources.
    • Rebels
      • Rebels of the Guardian Order have set up camps in the outlands.
      • New faction in the outlands called Outlands Rebels.
    • Tameable Young Dragon – Obtained from dragon eggs after the dragon is slain. Requires 50 Animal Ken.
  • Necromancy Skill – A combination of direct damage and summoned minions makes any master of this skill a force to be reckoned with. The higher your skill, the more minions you can control at one time (up to 3).
    • Void Blast – Sends a blast of Void energy at your target, damaging your opponent and and draining his mana.
      • Mana Cost: 25
      • Required Skill: 0
    • Reanimate Skeleton – Raises a nearby skeleton from a corpse to do your bidding. Skeleton Minions are do not despawn and can be trained and equipped with a weapon.
      • Mana Cost: 100
      • Required Skill: 10
    • Soul Drain – Drains your opponent’s health while regaining some of your health.
      • Mana Cost: 25
      • Required Skill: 20
    • Grim Aura – Create an aura of negative energy around a specified area, making whoever in it take more damage for a short period of time.
      • Mana Cost: 50
      • Required Skill: 30
    • Summon Imp – Summons a miniature demon that aids you in combat temporarily.
      • Mana Cost: 75
      • Required Skill: 30
  • New Manifestation Spells
    • Chain Lightning – Shoot lightning out of your hands at the opponent, bouncing onto nearby foes.
    • Ice Rain – Rains down ice shards at target location
  • New Potions (Alchemy Recipes)
    • Stoneskin Potion – A potion that raises defense but decreases attack
    • Haste Potion – A potion that increases attack speed but decreases dodge and blocking chance
    • Bloodlust Potion – A potion that increases damage but decreases defense
  • Cooking Skill Improvements
    • Cooking Bonus system now allows for ingredients to add any type of bonus effect.
    • Cooking also allows for both flat bonuses and multipliers
    • Ingredients have been updated to provide a wider range of effects. (Previously was limited to regeneration effects.) Now includes damage, soak, stamina use, mana use, evasion, recovery etc.
    • Certain ingredients modify the behavior of the final product rather than adding a specific bonus.
      • Potency (Modifies the effects of ALL ingredients in the final product)
      • Fillingness (Modifies how full the food will make you.)
      • Duration (Modifies how long the food bonuses remain in effect for)
    • Examples (All ingredients were re-done to ensure they were providing some bonus, this list is a small subset of examples.
      • Demon Blood (Butchery)(HPR/MR/SR  +.3 to all)
      • Rabbits Food (Butchery)(SR + 10%, Duration -10%)
      • Ginseng (Foraging)(All Effects Potency +5%, Fillingness +10%)
      • Lemon Grass(Foraging)( Effect Duration +5%, Fillingness + 10%)
    • **Reminder: Food bonuses are shorter than the digestive process, so what you eat, is as important as when you eat it.**
    • **Note: It is possible to make food so filling you are unable to eat it, though this will come from ingredients which modify fillingness rather than just the amount of food in the cooked in the pot. (You will get a warning if the amount of food in the pot exceeds what you can eat while starving).**1/
  • Mob Collision (Prototype)
    • First Pass on mob collision. There are known issues with getting stuck inside large mobs.
  • New Player Guild
    • All new players are automatically put in the guild “Recruits of the Order”.
    • GMs are leaders of the guild and can assist new players in guild chat.
  • New Player Status
    • For 2 in-game play hours, new players have Initiate status and do not drop their bags on release.
  • Map Markers for Corpse and House
  • Rare Crafting Resources – Ingredients for new equipment qualities
    • Durable Wood – Some trees have a slightly different appearance and give this type of wood.
    • Blightwood – Blightwood is no longer obtainable from any Black Forest tree. Must find unique blightwood trees. Blightwood trees can now be found in the graveyard.
    • Vile Blightwood – Chance to harvest from blightwood trees starts at 30 skill and maxes out at 30% chance at 50 skill.
    • Gleaming Iron – Chance to harvest from iron starts at 10 skill and maxes out at 30% chance at 30 skill.
    • Crystallized Cobalt – Chance to harvest from cobalt starts at 30 skill and maxes out at 30% chance at 50 skill.
    • Fluffy Cotton – Chance to harvest from Cotton plants. Used to create Quilted Fabric.
    • Golden Spider Silk – Chance to harvest from high end spiders. Used to create Royal Silk Cloth.
    • Brute Leather Hide – Harvested from animals (more rare than regular leather) crafted into gilded leather
    • Beast Leather Hide –  Harvested from high end monsters crafted into beast leather
    • Fabled Beast Leather Hide – Harvested from certain bosses and rare animals.
    • Spectral Bones – Crafted from Cursed bones and Deathly Miasma
    • Toxic Bones – Crafted from Cursed bones and Toxic Saliva
  • New Equipment Qualities
    • Robust – 40% more durable than Sturdy, 1 extra improvement
    • Stalwart – 80% more durable than Sturdy, 2 extra improvements
  • Outlands and Catacombs Maps
    • Ingame maps can now be obtained for these areas.
    • Outlands map is gained from the Rebel quest.
    • Each of the 5 catacombs maps are obtained by completing the quest for killing Death on that dungeon configuration.
  • Fixed issue where WASD movement would cause framerate lag in the catacombs
  • All action commands (dancing etc) should now work again
  • Characters now smoothly rotate when they turn
  • Crafting skills now play an animation while crafting
  • Torches and other light sources automatically turn off during the day
  • Trees now have falling animation
  • Animals with custom combat abilities will now use them in combat
  • Slowed down loading wormhole animation
  • You can now extinguish campfires
  • Add delay to closing/opening doors
  • Iron and Cobalt nodes will eventually decay if they can not be reached
  • Blightwood can no longer be obtained from just any black forest tree. Blightwood trees are visually distinguishable.


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