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WildStar has a lot going for it, for both new and experienced MMORPG players alike. Since its release in 2014, it’s been improved upon, bringing more and more exciting features that just make it a pleasure to play.

9 Things to Love About WildStar

WildStar has a lot going for it, for both new and experienced MMORPG players alike. Since its release in 2014, it’s been improved upon, bringing more and more exciting features that just make it a pleasure to play. Let’s take a look at some of them!


1 – It Has Different Tiers of Tutorials


Upon starting up a new character with WildStar, there are three settings you’re faced with: Novice (full tutorial), New to WildStar (tutorial only covers WildStar basics, and not MMORPG basics), and Veteran (which skips the tutorial altogether). Ever started up a new game and wanted to skip the MMO basics? Go for it. Take a long break and want another walkthrough of everything from beginning to end? Just make a new character as a “Novice.” Or if you want to jump straight into the action, “Veteran” it is! Also note that you can view specific tutorials from within the game at any time, through the option menu. This shows the ones you’ve viewed, as well as all of the available ones, so they can be referred to at any time.


2 – Save and Load Character Creator Settings


Want to mimic a character you see in a video somewhere or see someone playing in the game? Just ask for their character creation code, and you can start up a new character with the same settings! No fiddling around or trying to figure out how to do minor things – just paste it, apply it, and choose the character’s name. Yes, it really is that simple!


3 – Ever Get Lost Looking for Quests?


Not in WildStar! Not only do the mini-map and full map show you where quest NPCs are within the vicinity, there is also an option to show all quest hubs near you. Clicking one of these sets up an arrow that directs you right to where you need to go, letting you run straight to a new hub, even if you took a break and don’t remember where you’re heading.


If you’re already on a quest and aren’t sure what you should be doing, the map tags all of the locations to go to, and even gives a path to get there. If you have multiple quests going, you can even see them numbered, with each objective marked by that number. Hovering the mouse over one of these objectives even goes a step further, showing dialogue that helps understand what the task is, so you know ahead of time. And NPCs, mobs, and quest items are all clearly marked when running around, so you can quickly see if the mob you’re attacking is the one you need.


4 – Learn Every New Unlocked Feature


When you level up, you’re given a listing of each new feature you have unlocked. This may include skills, new areas, or new features altogether. They’re organized in a list, letting you see exactly what’s new on the table so you can decide if any of it interests you. And best of all, this shows up with every level!


5 – Travel is Easy


Traveling is easy. You can use the map (even have it open while moving around) to see where things are, and if you want to skip somewhere instantly, there’s a “Rapid Transport” option. This does cost a bit so it’s important to keep up with how much you’re spending on it, but it lets you jump from one area to another in a flash, reducing the amount of time that might otherwise be spent trying to run across continents.


6 – What Level is X For?


This is a common question in most games, but WildStar turns this around. Rather than having to wonder, the Rapid Transport option shows the designated level of any transport area. On top of this, it also shows what level new transport locations will unlock at, so you know ahead of time when certain areas can be entered. Note that areas are marked with a requirement of being within 3 levels from the bottom tier (i.e., a level 30-36 zone requires you to be level 27 to transport there). This allows you to find somewhat challenging content at any point in time.


7 – Daily Login Rewards


This has been getting more and more common in MMORPGs, and WildStar is no different. A daily login bonus screen is opened each day when logging into the game. This shows the reward you get from that day, and goes on to show upcoming rewards as well, encompassing a total of 180 days. To make things even better, there are more rare rewards given every 10 days, and they’re highlighted in the list of upcoming rewards so you can quickly see what you’re moving towards.


8 – Like Voice Acting and Cut Scenes?


WildStar has plenty of both! From the beginning of the game, it’s quick and easy to see that the world within the game is pretty vibrant. NPCs love to speak, and cut scenes are abundant (and can be skipped, if you’d rather not sit and watch some of them). This helps make the world a lot more immersive, bringing about a more personal feel to exploring and questing.


9 – The Entire Game is Open for Free


Aside from some convenience features, WildStar is open for completely free play. All areas, zones, classes, races, etc. are fully available to each and every player, regardless as to if they have spent a cent on the game or not. Some things (like starting a guild) are a bit more limited, but even free players can still join them. This allows you to enjoy the game, while spending only what you want – and not feel forced to buy something just to stay competitive or have fun with your friends.


More… Much More


There are many more things to love about WildStar as well, from the combat system, to the graphics, and even the way inventory is handled. It brings a lot to the table, and there’s always more to learn from playing!

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