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It's finally time for the wildstar-gold weeklies again, Europe is here to kick off a weekend of exciting Overwatch action. The regions be...

A Viewers Guide to wildstar-gold Weekly EU #19

It's finally time for the GosuGamers weeklies again, Europe is here to kick off a weekend of exciting Overwatch action. The regions best and brightest will battle it out for the crown and a $1,000 prize pool. 

Saturday is here once again and it brings more exciting European Overwatch action with it. The best teams in Europe will battle it out for their piece of a $1,000 prize pool. As always, you can contribute to the prize pool here either by using the code “GGEU19” or making a donation. We would like to thank our sponsors Matcherino, Ting and OWKings for making this tournament possible.

Streams (Russian)


Starting at 18:00 CEST today

Teams to watch


A mixed team made up of players from both North America and Europe, FaZe has had a very good run of form recently. The team features three ESL King of the Hill wins in their trophy case and won their group at the European regional for the OW Open, which included Rogue. They also made an impressive run to the final at the Alienware Monthly Melee, losing to Cloud9. Don’t be surprised if this team ends up winning it all today.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The Finnish Phenoms are back at it again. After a rocky August, they managed to get it together in time for the biggest tournament of the year, getting out of a difficult group in the European regional. They seem to have kept that roll going, moving up to 6th in our European GosuRankings. This team always has the potential to upset and with some of the top teams taking a week off, don’t be surprised to see them in the final.


The Swedish team burst onto the scene in our European weekly #17, making it to the final. They have kept that momentum going. While they didn’t qualify for the Atlantic Showdown, they made it to the Overwatch Open European regionals, barely failing to make it out of groups. We hope to see more from this exciting up-and-coming team today.

Tornado Rox

Born from the ashes of Prets, this mainly Russian team has a lot to prove. They went out in disappointing fashion in the group stage of the OW Open regional and had a rough first day at the Lenovo cup. Look for them to step it up today and prove they belong with the best of Europe.

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