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It's Sunday and you know what that means, it's time for another wildstar-gold NA Weekly! Over 80 teams will battle it out today (21:00...

A viewers guide to wildstar-gold Weekly NA #17

It's Sunday and you know what that means, it's time for another GosuGamers NA Weekly! 

Over 80 teams will battle it out today (21:00 CEST/15:00 EDT/12:00 PDT) for their share of at least a $1,000 prize pool, as always you can donate to the prize pool at Matcherino using the code “ggna17” to add a dollar to the prize pool, or donate whatever you’d like. We would like to thank our partners at Matcherino, G2A, Roccat, PF.GG and OWKings for making this tournament possible. Additionally, with the code GOSU you can get a 10% discount for lifetime on


  • with ZP and Hexagrams
  • (Secondary English stream)


1st  Melty eSports Club

The 7th ranked EU squad comes into this weekly as the strong favorite. They’re no strangers to being the favorite, they went on a dominant run in the first closed beta and their recent return to form has made them a serious threat and a top team in their own right. They will greatly benefit from a few of the top NA teams sitting out this week and should find themselves in the final this week.

2nd  Selfless

The 8th ranked NA team made an impressive run to 3rd last week and qualified for the Atlantic showdown with ease. They are perennial top 8 finishers who have shown themselves to be on the verge of being a top NA team and with the rest of the top 8 sitting out this is their chance to shine. I expect them to face a strong challenge from 1sun however this team should reach the finals.

3rd  1sun

The Chinese power house, currently ranked 27th in the world, has made several impressive runs in the Gosugamers weekly tournaments already. They’ve shown that they can compete with the best, losing out to only to the elite teams NA and EU have to offer. While not a shoo-in for the final, it shouldn’t shock anyone if they end up there.

4th  MVP Space

The newest and perhaps riskiest pick on this list, the All-Korean line up had a very impressive run to a top 8 finish in last week’s tournament. They managed to beat Weunited and only lost to Fnatic and Selfless. The Koreans have a chance to really get their name out there this week if they continue the impressive form they displayed last week. I would not be surprised to see this team pull off a few upsets. 

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