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Aion’s next major expansion, Echoes of Eternity, is set to hit the servers in less than two weeks. On July 13, th...

Aion Echos Of Eternity Coming July 13; Lore Revealed -

Aion’s next major expansion, Echoes of Eternity, is set to hit the servers in less than two weeks. On July 13, the update will expand on the lore surrounding the separation of Atreia and the defeat of the Archdaeva.

In preparation for the expansion, NCSoft has set up a new page expanding on the lore and detailing what other things players can expect to arrive later this month. The update revolves around the Tower of Eternity, which connected the two halves of Atreia before the near-cataclysm. It appears a bit of prophecy is being fulfilled and that the tower may once again become whole. As this is the case, the new expansion content introduces new zones near the tower’s bases as well as new instances involving the tower.

Of course, as it turns out the repair of the tower is dependent upon the return of the true Archdaeva. This means the introduction of an Archdaeva ascension level for players, and the introduction of new Archdaeva-only skills. Players can also expect new gear and a new level cap increase.

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