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Starcraft dedicated BaseTradeTV is back with their second Overwatch cup, with qualifiers on July 27th/28th. Sign ups are open!BaseTr...

BaseTradeTV is back with another cup - POSTPONED -

Starcraft dedicated BaseTradeTV is back with their second Overwatch cup, with qualifiers on July 27th/28th. Sign ups are open!

BaseTradeTV is known in the Starcraft community for being hard working and enthusiastic. Now they are about to arrange their second Overwatch tournament. Their first one was held during the closed beta, and was a little different from the tournaments we are used to seeing: it was control maps only. Some of the teams that participated back during OnlyWatch (which the tournament, funnily enough, also was called) were Creation Esports, Melty and Reunited. But enough of the nostalgia, how about this upcoming tournament?

BaseTradeTV Cup will have 2 qualifiers that will be held on the 27th and 28th of July. From each of these, 4 teams will advance to the round of 8 that will be played on August 4th, and finally, the finals on August 5th where the teams will fight for a prize pool of $1200. The format for the qualifier will be single elimination open bracket, with BO1 until the round of 32 and for control points, BO3 until round of 4. Default server will be NA, but all teams are still welcome to sign up!

The rules will be a little bit (or a lot) different than their last tournament. This time all games will have the same rules as in competitive ladder games, with one exception. If a tie occurs, instead of the usual ladder coin flip, there will be a tie breaker BO3 on Nepal. Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward with 1 hero limit and 1 sub per team allowed.

Tournament will be held on
Registrations are open now, to sign up, click here.
For in-depth information and complete rules, go here.

Edit: Sadly, the tournament has been postponed. We will make sure to announce whenever the event is rescheduled.

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow @GosuOverwatch.


Is it fun to see tournaments that uses different rules than what's "normally" used?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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