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The cups are back! Blizzard engineers Tim Ford and Philip Orwig explain High Bandwith mode in Overwatch.Lead engineer Tim Ford and P...

wildstar-gold - Blizzard engineers Tim Ford and Philip Orwig explain High Bandwith mode in Overwatch

The cups are back! Blizzard engineers Tim Ford and Philip Orwig explain High Bandwith mode in Overwatch.

Lead engineer Tim Ford and Philip Orwig are back for another Developer Update video. They have taken Jeff Kaplan's spot in front of the camera to explain what has happened and is happening behind the scenes to make high bandwith servers possible. 

High Bandwith mode has been a frequently requested feature since the Closed Beta, as it makes the game feel more realistic and more responsive. It means that the server will collect game data more frequently, and process is more quickly, in order to keep the difference in what you see on your screen and what the game will allow as small as possible. We received the feature turn on this mode in custom games a while ago, but it has taken quite a bit of improvements to actually make it an option. Slowly but surely, Blizzard has made these improvements and has started enabling it in general Quick Match and competitive matches as well.

We are no Software engineers however, so please listen to Tim and Philip about what they have been working on, and will continue to work on, to make Overwatch a more enjoyable experience:

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