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While Escape Gaming performed brilliantly to drop compLexity Gaming to the Lower Bracket, EHOME would be a different ball game. One tea...

wildstar-gold - EHOME claim the first Wild Card spot in TI6

While Escape Gaming performed brilliantly to drop compLexity Gaming to the Lower Bracket, EHOME would be a different ball game. One team would drop to the lower bracket while the other would find themselves in The International 6’s group stages.

Game One

Escape Gaming Dota 2 lineup

The Radiant

KheZu Faceless Void Faceless Void
YapzOr Elder Titan Elder Titan
syndereN Dazzle Dazzle
qojqva Invoker Invoker
Era Drow Ranger Drow Ranger
Shadow Demon Mirana Keeper of the Light Batrider Slardar
EHOME lineup

The Dire

Ogre Magi Ogre Magi LaNm
Naga Siren Naga Siren iceiceice
Death Prophet Death Prophet oldchicken
Disruptor Disruptor Fenrir
Axe Axe eLeVeN
Lone Druid Earth Spirit Tinker Morphling Huskar

EHOME managed to grab themselves first blood with three and a half minutes passed, but within less than a minute, Escape Gaming managed to equalise the score. With ten minutes passed in the game, both teams drew equal on the score, but the net worth showed a different story with EHOME dominating the top spots – and having a tower advantage.

EHOME continued to push their advantage, and with sixteen minutes gone, EHOME moved into the Rosh pit and claimed the game’s first aegis, but ESC got themselves a small window back into the game as they took down two of EHOME in the fight. ESC were slowly making their way back into the game. However, thirty minutes in EHOME grabbed their second aegis and looked to still have a major advantage.

Soon after, EHOME mde their advantage shown as they pushed down the tier two mid tower, taking down three from ESC line up with it. EHOME then took down the mid tier three tower as well but ESC make a last ditch defense and stopped the push. But that wasn’t enough for ESC as they still lost their mid barracks soon afterwards before EHOME grabbed their third aegis.

With forty four minutes gone, ESC had no option but to tap out of game one of the series, giving EHOME a 1-0 lead going into game two.

Game Two

Escape Gaming Dota 2 lineup

The Radiant

YapzOr Ogre Magi Ogre Magi
Era Slark Slark
syndereN Keeper of the Light Keeper of the Light
KheZu Faceless Void Faceless Void
qojqva Storm Spirit Storm Spirit
Naga Siren Shadow Demon Death Prophet Disruptor Alchemist
EHOME lineup

The Dire

Batrider Batrider eLeVeN
Kunkka Kunkka LaNm
Timbersaw Timbersaw oldchicken
Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden Fenrir
Anti-Mage Anti-Mage iceiceice
Lone Druid Mirana Nyx Assassin Tinker Queen of Pain

Once again, the game stood rather even during the early laning phase, but with twelve minutes gone, the game’s pace picked up as the score line sat at 7-6 in Escape Gaming’s favour. Both teams continued on an equal footing on the scoreboard but soon after ESC show their strength as they dropped three from the EHOME line up.  However, with twenty one minutes gone the score line was still 12-12.

EHOME made their way into the Rosh pit at twenty five minutes and claimed themselves the game’s first aegis. EHOME looked to be in completely control now and decided to batter down the mid tier three tower. Suddenly though, ESC found the perfect fight, claiming the kill on Daryl Pei "IceIceIce" Xiang Koh Anti-Mage and forcing out a buyback as well. The game looked to change direction just for a moment.

With thirty seven minutes passed, both teams began to dance around the Rosh pit and it was EHOME that came out on the other side with four kills in their favour and an aegis. With this advantage, EHOME claimed the mid barracks and backed off. EHOME then proceeded to drop the bottom barracks and the situation looked dire for Escape Gaming as EHOME pushed down the top barracks.

With that, Escape Gaming were forced to throw in the towel. They now dropped down to the lower bracket matchup where they'll face Execration. While EHOME, who put in a dominating performance, claim their spot in The International 6 group stages.

The International 6 Coverage HUB

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Can Escape Gaming claim the second Wild Card spot?

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