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ESL has announced the establishment of the ESL India Premiership, a multi-title, year-long Esports extravaganza. The Premiership will ...

wildstar-gold - ESL nudges Indian Dota 2 into the spotlight with ESL India Premiership

ESL has announced the establishment of the ESL India Premiership, a multi-title, year-long Esports extravaganza. The Premiership will govern four titles, including Dota 2.

ESL has been a major player in the Esports stage for years. They have also been a forerunner in supporting the Esports scenes in countries where they see potential. The latest country to gain support from ESL is India, where ESL has partnered with local gaming juggernaut NODWIN Gaming to bring the ESL India Premiership to life. 

The Premiership is comprised of four titles - CS:GO, Dota 2, HearthStone, and Just Dance 4. The titles receive prize pools of different sizes, with Dota 2 and CS:GO receiving the largest amount of money. These titles have prize pools of ₹1,875,000 each, which equates to just over $28,000 or €24,000. 

The tournament format is a three-tiered system. Teams compete in online cups called Starters, which happen six times per year. Teams that place highly in these tournaments are invited to LAN events called Challengers, which take place twice per year. Teams that do well in the Challengers are invited to the Masters, the LAN grand finale of the Indian Premiership schedule.

ESL has put their experience and knowledge of the Esports sphere behind the Indian Premiership, and claim that it will "set the benchmark in the quality of entertainment for future eSports events". All of the details set expectations high for this upcoming spectacle in Indian Dota 2. The first Starter commences on the 16th of May, so register your team and be a part of the future of Indian Dota 2!

Source: ESL India Premiership website

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