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Fellow Adventurers,First of all, we want to thank you very much for supporting us in the development of Albion Online.The Final Beta has been running for a little more than tw...

wildstar-gold | Final Beta Duration and Release Timing

Fellow Adventurers,

First of all, we want to thank you very much for supporting us in the development of Albion Online.

The Final Beta has been running for a little more than two months. It is a good time to let you know our view on the status quo of the game and give you an update on the way forward.

Compared to Beta 1, we have fixed a lot bugs, addressed some critical game design issues and added new exciting features and content to the game. On the other hand, some of the changes made between Beta 1 and Final Beta have created new issues that need to be addressed.

On top of that, taking stock of Beta 1 and Final Beta, we still feel that some of the game’s core gameplay is not yet where it should be.

We are eager to get the game ready for release and we know that waiting for this to happen can be frustrating. Our main goal with Albion Online is for the game to be a long term success. We want the game to do well even 5 years down the road, and not suffer the crash and burn fate so common in newly released MMORPGs.

Therefore, we have decided the following:

  • Final Beta will continue into the next year

  • There will be an in-beta wipe, most likely in February/March, once we have made the necessary improvements to the game and game world

  • If these improvements turn out well, we will release the game shortly thereafter

In order to keep this announcement short, we are providing further details on the planned changes at the link below:

  • Feature roadmap for upcoming wipe and release

Best regards,

Your Albion Online Team

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