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Rogue, Hunter, Priest and Mage all grab a new class minion from the latest Whispers of the Old Gods reveals.New cards from the upcom...

wildstar-gold - Four new Whispers minions announced with intriguing card effects

Rogue, Hunter, Priest and Mage all grab a new class minion from the latest Whispers of the Old Gods reveals.

New cards from the upcoming Whispers of the Old Gods set have been popping up on Hearthstone streams and video series all day, and all of them are generating a lot of conversation. The four latest are all exclusive minions belonging to a different class, with one or two having the potential to become meta mainstays.

This could definitely be the case with Shadowcaster, a Rogue epic 5-drop announced by Kno. Boasting 4/4 stats, this minion will add a next-to-nothing priced copy of any friendly minion to your hand. That means if your opponent is foolish enough to let Malygos, Reno Jackson or any of the Old Gods themselves live for more than a turn, you can punish them ruthlessly for it. This may bring older Rogue cards like Conceal and Shadowstep out of the woodwork, and with Brann Bronzebeard the possibilities get even more frighteningly infinite.

If you wanted further proof that Blizzard are trying to make Deathrattle Hunter cool again, here you are. With a cost and stats eerily similar to that of everyone’s favourite hunter, Forlon Stalker will add an instant +1/+1 buff to any skull and crossbones minion you’re holding. Whilst a good chunk of the best deathrattlers are going into the Wild format, this does make N’Zoth Hunter an increasingly viable deck.

The latest Priest minion, brought to you by Amaz, is a little vanilla but still has some potential for invention. Named Shifting Shade, this 4-cost, 4/3 half-a-Thoughtsteal will give you a copy of one card in your opponent’s deck. It’s another good minion for N’Zoth and a brilliant boost to Priest’s arena viability, even if none of the possibilities for it in constructed are particularly stunning.

After this week’s blow-up over the new Mage minions, we see a calming counterweight in Demented Frostcaller. This 4 mana minion has 2/4 stats and will freeze a random enemy (that’s both hero and minions, kids!) anytime you play a spell; and it has been confirmed that already frozen targets will be ignored. On its own it’s not exactly a more appealing option than [card]Water Elemental[/card], but it could play a vital role in a distant future where Freeze-centric Mages become reality. 

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