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The upcoming Closed Beta for Lost Ark Online will feature four main classes Warrior, Fighter, Gunner, and Mage. A lot of people were interested in learning more about the classes before the test start...

Lost Ark Online a Closer Look on Playable Jobs CM Notes and Artwork -


The upcoming Closed Beta for Lost Ark Online will feature four main classes Warrior, Fighter, Gunner, and Mage. A lot of people were interested in learning more about the classes before the test started so the Community Manager recently released a new article updating information, artwork, and screenshots of these jobs. Closed Beta users can advance their main job into one of the seven classes shown below.







Warrior Advanced Jobs - Berserker and Warlord


-Berserker uses an extremely large two-hand sword and delivers cleaving attacks.
-He also uses a "Rage" System. When a player accumulates a lot of it, their character will be stronger over time.
-He can also use Enrage mode granting special skills only useable in this state.
-Left Image Spin Win 
-Right Image Enrage Mode.


-The Warlord wields both a Gun Lance and Shield. Normal Attacks and Skill give Shell/Bullet Gauge.
-He a party oriented class with both crowd control and skills to protect themselves and party members.
-This class also has a special Shell or Bullet Gauge from the Gun Lance.
-He can also shoot enemies in front like a cone or a 360 area.
-Left Image Chain Hook Multiple Enemies
-Right Image Gun Lance Discharge






Fighter Advanced Jobs - Battle Master and Infighter


-Battle Master is a specialist class with various debuffs and elemental attacks.
-When you hit the enemy, you can get Elemental Orbs.
-The Battle Master's special can only be activated by using Elemental Orbs and is consumed after each use.
-Right Image 1 Orb Ougi Nasen Kyung this skill draws enemies together and casts a powerful debuff on them.


Infighter is the fastest class in this beta in terms of mobility, it's the only class that can dash twice.
Like all of the other classes in Lost Ark Online, Infighters also uses a special Gauge system for skill activation.
Ki Ruk (Stamina) < - > Chung Guk (Impact) Gauge System.
Right Image - Consume all of Chung Guk Gauge 






Gunner Advanced Jobs - Devil Hunter and Blaster


-Devil Hunter uses a quick stance system to shuffle between multiple weapons such as pistols, shotgun, and rifle.
-For players with good "control" or quick reflex as it will require the player to change between stances real-time.
-The Basic weapon for Devil Hunter is dual pistols.
-Rifle Stance has 3 Range Skill Attacks.
-Shotgun Stance has 3 Melee Skill Attacks and 3 more skills..?  
-Each weapon type will have their own special set of skills and range.
-Right Image Spiral Flame a special skill from Sniper Rifle.


-The Blaster uses various kinds of Launcher type weapons, he can deliver all kinds of range attacks to enemies.
-Using Howitzer, Missiles, Flamethrower, Gattling Gun, and other various heavy weapons.
-He also has other weapons and stances that will render him immobile.
-For example, when he summons a Heavy Launcher.
-Right Image Artillery Siege stance






Magician Advanced Job - Bard
Hidden Job


-Bard is a magician ranged attack type of character that is equipped with various party buffs, healing skills, and debuffs.
-She can prevent enemies from approaching your team and debuff their movement speed.
-She also has a buff that will increase your parties damage.
-Upon consuming Serenade bubbles, she can heal party members in the vicinity.
-Serenade of Heaven doesn't heal much and is a HOT Heal Over Time skill.
-Serenade of Salvation heals party instantly for a specific amount.
-Players will enjoy Bards in a party as there are moments where potions aren't allowed.

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