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Deathrattle Hunter receives a helping handUntypically for a Sunday, a new card was just revealed for the upcoming expansion Whispers...

wildstar-gold - New Hunter legendary revealed

Deathrattle Hunter receives a helping hand

Untypically for a Sunday, a new card was just revealed for the upcoming expansion Whispers of the Old Gods. Princess Huhuran is the Hunter legendary of this set and comes as a 6/5 for five mana. Its Battlecry allows Hunters to trigger one of their minions' Deathrattles immediately, which could make for some powerful interactions in both Standard and Wild mode.

Aside from Hunter class cards such as the ever-powerful Savannah Highmane, Princess Huhuran interacts nicely with neutral Deathrattles such as Sylvanas Windrunner and Anubisath Sentinel. While many strong Deathrattles originated in the Naxxramas expansion and as such will no longer be legal in Standard (including powerhouses such as Piloted Shredder and Haunted Creeper), there will be new ones as well. Twilight Summoner, for example, dropped on turn four could easily become a Huhuran target on turn five, resulting in two 5/5s and a 6/5 after its original 1/1 body is popped. That would certainly make for a strong curve in Standard, while the plethora of Deathrattles available in Wild mode will make it even easier to extract full value from Princess Huhuran.

Another new card was leaked at a Taiwanese event the other day. Twilight Flamecaller, a common Mage minion, bundles a 2/2 body and an Arcane Explosion into one small three mana package. Whether the effect is good enough to see play in Standard remains to be seen, but it seems to be a useful Arena card at the very least.

Druids, meanwhile, received another C'Thun minion for their decks. A Taiwanese stream revealed a 6-mana 5/7 with taunt which buffs the Old God by 3/3 when it enters the field. While a 5/7 taunt for 6 mana is certainly nothing to sneeze at, the Dark Arakkoa unfortunately does not sport a Beast tag, which means it does not provide the synergy Blizzard is trying to steer Druids toward. On the other hand, Dark Arakkoa is a strong minion on its own right in a slot Druids typically overlook (aside from Emperor Thaurissan) so it could certainly see play.

Do you think Princess Huhuran will finally get Hunters to play one of their class legendaries? Let us know in the poll below!

You can follow the reveal of the new expansion with our Whispers of the Old Gods full card list here.

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