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photo taken from Dotaroo Facebook pageThe Australia and New Zealand Dota 2 communities have been actively pursuing the development of ...

wildstar-gold | Oceanic Dota on the Rise

photo taken from Dotaroo Facebook page

The Australia and New Zealand Dota 2 communities have been actively pursuing the development of eSports in their region. With backing organizations and sponsors ready to help their cause, Dotaroo has spearheaded leagues and events with attractive prize pools to encourage the eventual development of a professional Dota 2 scene.

Dotaroo was created in the beginning of 2016 as a response to a need for improvement and an avenue wherein talented Australian and New Zealand teams can compete. Founded by Fitzroy Beaumont, an Admin for Southern Cross Dota, Dotaroo aims to one day have Oceanic teams in The International.

Starting after The International 6, Dotaroo will held multiple tournaments with prizes varying from $5000 to $25,0000, the first to kick off will happen at the end of September 2016. For gamers residing in Australia and New Zealand that would like to make a difference, you can join the Facebook group Dotaroo to find out more about the events and tournaments you can participate in. 

List of participating teams for the upcoming revamped Oceanic Dota League (ODL):
Australia DreamLand
Australia Da Teletubbies​
Australia No practice only dreams​
Australia Cant Say Wips
Other AEON
Australia Team Nation


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