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I’m not one of the stealthy types in MMOs, mostly because very few games give me the chance to hang upside-down from rafters and then do a 25-foot freefall onto an enemy’s spinal column....

wildstar-gold | One Shots: Slipping between shadows

wildstar-gold | One Shots: Slipping between shadows

I’m not one of the stealthy types in MMOs, mostly because very few games give me the chance to hang upside-down from rafters and then do a 25-foot freefall onto an enemy’s spinal column. Instead we mostly get Rogues crouching like they have to do a number two and walking slowly in broad daylight while everyone pretends not to see them.

Then again, you occasionally get games like Elder Scrolls Online, which makes stealthing look downright cool. “ESO has so many places I think ‘I’d love to actually go there,'” Damonville posted. “Of course I wouldn’t want to be eaten by what’s there in the game. I don’t think my stealth skills are at the same level as my little Wood Elf characters.”

Stick to the shadows, man. Stick to the shadows.

wildstar-gold | One Shots: Slipping between shadows

Reader Monica answered the call for holiday pictures: “‘Twas the night before Wintersday in Guild Wars 2, where only one question was asked: Grenth or Dwayna? Would Grenth’s cold embrace last? Would Dwayna bless us and bring warmth to the land?’ Personally I picked both, because hats!”

“A little north of the Osun fortress in the southeast of Auroria in WildStar there is a river surrounded by cliffs with a flock of Rowsdower,” Weakness writes, “one of whom seemed to be stuck on a ledge. Unable to go up or down; this Rowsdower had contended himself with grazing on a barren rock for the rest of his days. Here my little Chua Esper, Oswald, is kneeling before the sage beast, having traveled many miles to learn from his contemplative ways.”

And what happened next? I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!

Boy does this next screen take me back to an earlier era. Also, it reminds me how we’re all kids at heart looking to play with our goofy toys just as much as our epic tier 550 gear.

“This was great: Horde battling Alliance players around Gadgetzan in World of Warcraft, nothing new. Horde battling Alliance, peacefully, with clockwork rocket bots during Winter Veil while covered in snowflakes and Santa hats? Priceless,” said Captain Zor.

“This is a giant Poggle,” Qarran explains to the less fortunate among you. “You find them in many areas in Blade and Soul but most prominently in Silverfrost. It is a cross between a frog and… and an orc. And they aren’t too friendly and will remind you of it as they smash you with a giant club made out of a giant acorn. Bizarre? It doesn’t even come close.”

The theme of this week’s screenshot challenge? Explosions! Whether they be carefully controlled, as in fireworks, or the result of a trench run through the Death Star, let’s see some big booms and spectacular sights on fire in your submissions!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to¬†[email protected] with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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