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Pick, winrate and bans of heroes during the Manila Major qualifiers (Source: Dotabuff)Among the changes in the c iteration of the 6.8...

Patch 6.87c: Doom nerfed, Silver Edge gets a recipe on wildstar-gold

Pick, winrate and bans of heroes during the Manila Major qualifiers (Source: Dotabuff)

Among the changes in the c iteration of the 6.87 patch, Doom has received a nerf and heroes looking to build a Sliver Edge will be required to spend 300 more gold.

Applied after the conclusion of the Manila Major qualifiers, the 6.87c patch has brought about changes to a few popular heroes and a few unpicked heroes. Other changes also include a ten gold increase in price for a Wind Lace and its removal from the side shop, and the introduction of a recipe when building a Sliver Edge.

For the complete patch notes, consult the following link.

Some of the bigger changes


Proving to be extremely popular and having a 54% win rate during the Manila Major qualifiers, Doom has received the bigger nerf this patch, with his infernal blade's burn base damage being "reduced from 40 to 25/30/35/40". The ability now deals 100/120/140/160 of base damage over the four second burn, making it a slightly less potent tool for ganking in the early game.

Silver Edge:

Being a convenient item to get when building a Manta/Skadi/Linken's/Hex after a Shadow Blade, an additional 300 gold recipe might force many cores such as Slark to forgo a Silver Edge in favor of their next item, the change also makes Shadow Blade a less attractive item; giving squishy heroes without escapes an indirect buff.

Vengeful Spirit:

Having a tight mana pool in her early levels, this hero - primarily played as a support - has had her "intelligence reduced from 15 + 1.75 to 13 + 1.5". This means that Vengeful Spirit has 24 mana less to work with, forcing the player to choose between the ability to cast two magic missiles or one magic missile and a wave of terror at level two.

Headline, banner image and statistics from Dotabuff

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