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Shifter Zerus lets you believe in the heart of the cards.Another new legendary minion was revealed on the Hearthstone subreddit yester...

RNG-heavy legendary unveiled for Old Gods expansion -

Shifter Zerus lets you believe in the heart of the cards.

Another new legendary minion was revealed on the Hearthstone subreddit yesterday. Shifter Zerus, a 1/1 for only one mana, might be the most random addition to the game thus far. Once you've drawn him, he will transform into a different minion at the beginning of each of your following turns. Until you decide to play him (or rather, whatever minion he has changed into), he will keep transforming over and over, making his playability on the following turns entirely unpredictable.

In order to help players remember that they are holding Zerus, whatever minion he has transformed into will have a glowing border as well as a tooltip which indicates that he is quite unstable. Since there is no way to stop his transformations (other than to play him), he can't help you smoothe out your curve a few turns down the road, nor can you hold onto a helpful tech card (such as Harrison Jones, for example) until you need it. Your only choices are playing him right now, in the shape he has taken, or spin the wheel again next turn and hope for the best.

As such, Shifter Zerus seems to be more suited towards Twitch streamers and Youtubers looking to provide entertainment through heavy incorporation of RNG elements into their decks (Casino Mage, anyone?) than serious deckbuilders. While he might fit into the 30th slot of a Reno deck, it seems almost impossible to find a spot for him in a tightly optimized tier 1 deck. Some form of benefit for playing him, such as a cost reduction of whatever minion he turns into, certainly would have helped here, but alas has not been included.

What do you think about Shifter Zerus? Let us know in the poll!

You can follow the reveal of the new expansion with our Whispers of the Old Gods full card list here.

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