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EPICENTER has announced the talent lineup for the upcoming Moscow LAN.EPICENTER Click here for results, VODs and all the other i...

wildstar-gold - ReDeYe to host Epicenter

EPICENTER has announced the talent lineup for the upcoming Moscow LAN.


Click here for results, VODs and all the other information

Just a few days ahead of the EPICENTER: Moscow LAN, the talent lineup has been announced. The LAN event is set to happen at Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia and will feature some of the top teams including the likes of Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Team Secret, Alliance and OG, who will be battling for a base prize pool of $500,000.

EPICENTER will also see the return Paul 'RedeYe' Chaloner who is popularly known for hosting top tier DOTA 2 Tournaments like The International 5 and the Frankfurt Major.

The talent lineup for EPICENTER: Moscow LAN:

United Kingdom Paul 'RedeYe' Chaloner
Netherlands Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden
Australia David 'Godz' Parker
United Kingdom Owen 'ODPixel' Davies
Sweden Johan 'Weppas' Westberg
Australia Tobi 'Tobiwan' Dawson
United States Austin 'Capitalist' Walsh
United States William 'Blitz' Lee
United States Kevin 'Purge' Godec
United Kingdom Gareth 'Durka' Bateson

Source Courtesy : EPICENTER Twitter

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