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Bioware has posted some clarification on the lost legendary player status bug.Lost legendary player status | 03.11.2016, 03:...

SWTOR Bioware on Lost Legendary Player Status on wildstar-gold

Bioware has posted some clarification on the lost legendary player status bug.

Lost legendary player status | 03.11.2016, 03:25 PM

Hey folks,
We have seen quite a few reports of players who have lost their Legendary Status following Game Update 4.2 on Tuesday. First, a reminder of what Legendary Status is. This system was put in with Knights of the Fallen Empire as a reward for players who had completed all 8 Class Stories all the way through Act 3. We wanted to make sure that their efforts were rewarded, beyond just Achievements alone.

Along with the KotFE launch, we also introduced Start at 60 tokens. Unfortunately, there was a bug where sometimes a character made from a token would grant a completion for Legendary Status. This was not intended as that character never played through and completed Act 3. With Game Update 4.2, we corrected that bug and along with it, removed any unintended progress from Legendary Status. At this time there are a few specific issues that have been raised:

I have a <insert class> that has completed their Class Story but do not have Legendary Status Credit

  • First, please ensure that you have completed that Class story all the way through completion of Act 3, post-Corellia.
  • If you have, log into that Character. We have seen reports that simply logging into that Character will re-grant Legendary Status Credit.
  • Again, Start at 60 Characters will not grant you this credit.

I completed my Class Story with <insert class> but have since deleted that Character

  • Please contact CS.


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