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James Ohlen, Director of Design at Bioware, has released a short speech and infographic celebrating 5 years of SWTOR.Star Wa...

SWTOR Celebrating Our Five Year Saga on wildstar-gold

James Ohlen, Director of Design at Bioware, has released a short speech and infographic celebrating 5 years of SWTOR.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ celebrates its fifth year, December 20, 2016 – thanks to you, our fans. We started on this journey ten years ago. Our vision was to build a game that would give gamers, who are Star Wars™ fans, the experience of stepping into the Star Wars universe at the center of their own saga. And it did. We built the largest Star Wars universe ever and then brought it to life online. We wanted to give fans the chance to become a Jedi, a dark and deadly Sith Lord or a snarky Smuggler. We wanted to bring our love of this great IP to life in a way that let players shape their own story making meaningful choices along the way that made the experience your Star Wars story, not ours.

Our goal was to give you, our players, the fun of living the adventure that makes Star Wars so compelling. We wanted you to experience the excitement of traversing the galaxy on the most aerodynamic of speeders or Jetpacks. Or, you can ride on the backs of iconic creatures from Rancors to Banthas and Tauntauns to meet up with friends on the fleet or at the Cantina. Most importantly, you are choosing your path through your story, down the light or dark side of the Force™. And, you are never alone. Your adventure is filled with hundreds of thousands of other players not to mention your personal alliance of Companions – each with their own personality, some trustworthy like Theron Shan or Lana, while others are completely self-serving and well, mercenary! All of this and more come to life inside The Old Republic™ – and you can share it all with your friends.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has spawned many things like the rebirth of the infamous Darth Revan and the rise and fall of Darth Malgus. More recently, we saw the incarnation of one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars with the Eternal Emperor Valkorion, his son Arcann and his equally powerful and sinister daughter, Vaylin. From guildmates to lifemates, this game has created a community that has grown up together and stayed true to one core value – we all loveStar Wars and The Old Republic!

From those of us here at BioWare, we want to say “thank you”. We are humbled by your loyalty and support over these past five years. We thank you for being here from the beginning and sharing your saga with us… for joining us at Cantina events worldwide over the years and for bringing our dream to life. Celebrate with us using #SWTOR5 as we begin the countdown and Happy Anniversary!

May the Force be with you!



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SWTOR Celebrating Our Five Year Saga on wildstar-gold

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