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SWTOR Eternal Championship guide with strategies for all 10 rounds. This is currently on the PTS and scheduled to arrive with ...

SWTOR Eternal Championship Guide on wildstar-gold

SWTOR Eternal Championship guide with strategies for all 10 rounds. This is currently on the PTS and scheduled to arrive with Game Update 4.4 in May.


  • 1 Patch Changes
  • 2 Entry to Eternal Championship
  • 3 Round 1 – Arlaia Zayzen
  • 4 Round 2 – Daruula Grah
  • 5 Round 3 – Gungus Boga
  • 6 Round 4 – Conraad and Chompers
  • 7 Round 5 – Lanos
  • 8 Round 6 – Breaktown Brawler
  • 9 Round 7 – Nocturno & Drake Raven
  • 10 Round 8- Little Gut
  • 11 Round 9- Doom Droid
  • 12 Round 10- Zotar

Patch Changes

PTS Update Notes – 4/6/2016 | 04.06.2016, 06:59 PM


  • New Alliance Alert: Freedom Fight! Recruit Bowdaar by showing your prowess in the Eternal Championship.

Eternal Championship

  • Gungus Bogs: The Heralds of Zildrogs’ melee attacks no longer have a 70m maximum range, because that was rather silly.
  • Lanos: Fixed a bug whereby Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers could retarget a companion if the skytrooper could not leap to its original target for over 60 seconds (due to it being in cover, for example).
  • Lanos: Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers who are unable to leap to their target for 30s or more will now use their high-powered Snipe attack every 16s, down from 30s. Don’t just ignore them =)
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Tweaked Drake Raven’s encounter mechanics such that when he is subjected to heavy DPS, he will try much harder to deploy at least one G0-ON Abductor squad to kidnap your sidekick.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: The stun component of Firaxian Shark Repellent (when used offensively) is now properly marked as a debuff, because being stunned is bad.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Based upon player feedback, observation, and metrics, we have decided to remove the on-arm stealth from Stunning Mines (as the mechanic was reading poorly and causing a lot of confusion). Mines thrown by Drake Raven will remain visible after arming, allowing players to utilize them better.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Corrected the tooltip text of the "Eyes on the Prize" buff to correctly refer to both Nocturno and Drake Raven.
  • Nocturno & Drake Raven: Drake Raven’s Stunning Mine abilities now properly show a name in the cast bar.
  • Zotar: Immovable Object now makes Zotar temporarily immune to interrupts, as interrupting Zotar while he was channeling Shocking Finale could break the encounter.
  • Little Gut: Adjusted the floor trap region boundaries to more closely match the VFX boundaries.

Entry to Eternal Championship

To get access to Eternal Championship, you have to completed Chapter 9 and then head to Zakuul Platform 6 Cantina. In there you will find a NPC named Dominaire who will talk to you and get you started. Once you talk to him, use the console behind him and get the mission as well as the weeklies.

You get Eternal Championship Trophies from the weeklies (6 per week) and they are legacy bound so you can do this on multiple characters to get gear for one character.

  • New 208/216 armor sets and a legacy armor set is available for purchase from the tokens.

SWTOR Eternal Championship Guide on wildstar-goldSWTOR Eternal Championship Guide on wildstar-goldswtor-eternal-championship-guide-3

Round 1 – Arlaia Zayzen


  • Arlaia Zayen HP: 129k
  • Combat Unit AZ-02 HP: 29k
  • Medical Unit AZ-01 HP: 33k



Relatively straightforward boss. The two adds, Combat Unit and Medical Unit will not attack you but will increase Arlaia’s damage and heal her. So you want to kill them both first before engaging Arlaia.


Arlaia have 3 attacks: regular ranged attack that deals about 2.5-4k per hit. Fragmentation Grenade that deals 6k-13k damage and Snipe which can deal anywhere from 5k to 18k if buffed by the droids.

Round 2 – Daruula Grah


  • Daruula Grah HP: 210k
  • Trained Iknayid: 37k



Daruula comes with two Iknayid pets and spawns sets of two on a timer. You can ignore them for the most part as Daruula throws a Toxic Grenade that follows you around as a red circle and then turns into a yellow static circle. Once the Toxic Grenade turns yellow, you can kite the Iknayids through them as they are vulnerable to the Noxious DoT applied by the yellow circle.


The Trained Iknayid hits for about 400 with its rapid melee attacks. The Poisonous Iknayid that spawns later have Poison Bites that deals about 2k damage per bite. The Noxious DoT from the Toxic Genade yellow circle hits for 9-12k damage per tick.

Round 3 – Gungus Boga


  • Gungus Boga: 189k
  • Herald of Zildrog: 23k



You can completely ignore the Herald of Zildrog and just burn Gungus. Once Gungus reaches a certain timer he will jump in the middle and grapple you in. He will then chain a massive AoE attack called Zildrog’s Judgement. If you stand in it you will take a massive 30k damage, which isn’t lethal for most players so you can stay in and DPS if you like to finish him off.


Round 4 – Conraad and Chompers


  • Conraad: 210k
  • Chompers: 112k



This is a fight where you don’t want to simply kill off one quickly as doing so will cause the remaining one to enrage and gain massive damage buff. What you want to do is ignore Conraad and  burn Chompers down to 30% first so it enters a regenerative state where it will heal up. When this happens, Conraad will gain a buff that make him gain more damage but he will also take more damage. This will allow you to shave off a huge chunk of Conraad’s HP while Chompers regenerates back to full HP.

Once Chompers regenerate back to full HP, you want to focus back on Chompers and push it to the regenerative state again. If you kill Conraad before Chompers exit the regenerative state, both will die instantly. However, if Chiompers reach 100% HP and then you kill Conraad after, Chomper will enrage and likely kill you. So timing is important here.

Chomper’s main attacks are Acid Puddle (yellow circle that turns red) which inflicts 7k damage per tick and K’lorslug Slam attack which is telegraphed by a red circle that you want to move out of. Conraad has a supressive fire conal attack and basic ranged attacks. In addition Conraad will summon K’lor’slug Larva/Soldier adds that deals a bunch of rapid low damage attacks that can be dangerous.


Round 5 – Lanos


  • Lanos: 210k
  • Reprogrammed Skytrooper Shielders: 17k
  • Reprogrammed Skytroopers: 7k



This fight is all about managing adds as Lanos himself is a pushover. Lanos will immediately spawn Reprogrammed Skytrooper Shielders that will make him immune to all damage. To deal with them, use either knockback, interrupt, or stun and they will stop shielding Lanos. They will not die however and will switch their focus to attacking you.


The other kind of threat is the Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers that will jet charge to you and try to blow you up, You just need to avoid their red circles and they will blow themselves up.


Lastly, groups of regular Reprogrammed Skytroopers will spawn that may need to be dealt with. Luckily they have very low HP.

Round 6 – Breaktown Brawler


  • Breaktown Brawler: 240k
  • King Crush: 375k
  • Mister Ripper: 375k



This is one of the more annoying fights that force you to stay at melee range and you will be taking a lot of damage. So if you havn’t used any of the nearby kolto stations it might be good to start using them for this fight. The idea of this fight is that all 3 mobs will reflect any damage dealt by players standing outside their circle. So this force you to stand in melee if you want to do any damage to them or you will die from your own damage.


In addition, King Crush and and Mister must not be near each other or they will both gain enraged buff, dealing 200% more damage. If you have a tank/DPS companion you can send them to deal with one and hold it while you kite the other one around. Otherwise you will need to run around, jump in to damage one and then back out as you see the other approaching to avoid the enrage buff.

The brawler himself is fairly annoying. While his individual punches only about 2.5k damage per hit, he hit fairly fast and place a stacking debuff on you that goes up to 30 stacks called Brawler Combo. So you will want to avoid him as much as possible while killing Crush and Ripper. Brawler will also go invul from time to time while channeling Untouchable. This will knock you back at end of the channel. If you get too far from the Brawler he will also teleport to you using Berserker Slam.

Once you have killed Ripper or Crush and you have a DPS or tank companion, I find it nice to have them stick on the Brawler while you work on the remaining one so you don’t have to wait for brawler’s Untouchable invul. If you happen to kill Brawler first, Ripper or Crush will enrage but they don’t hit too hard in their enrage mode so you can survive for a while.

Round 7 – Nocturno & Drake Raven


  • Nocturno: 210k
  • Drake Raven: 378k



Drake Raven is a ranged class that will jetpack around and do the occasional Saturation Fire. However, he will also throw out stun grenades on you that follow you around as a red circle and then remains on the ground until it is triggered by you or one of the NPCs. The goal here is to kill Drake ASAP while kiting Nocturno into those mines and stun her. Keep in mind that the mines have an arming time so it takes a few seconds for them to activate.


Nocturno has a stance called Perfect Defense where she will take less damage but also walk more slowly. Her other stance is one where she charges around while getting a buffed damage and movement speed. You want to avoid her when she is charging around and stun her as much as possible by kiting her into the stun mines. She will use an ability called Wild Attack when she is charging around that deals 10k or up to 25k when she is enraged.

If you don’t kill Drake quick enough, Drake will summon a bunch of adds that will kidnap and gang up on your companion. When this happens,. simply kill or interrupt G0-ON Abductor and all the other droids will explode. Much like enemies from round 6, they can be only damaged in melee range and reflect ranged damage outside their circles.


Once you kill Drake, Nocturno will enrage but you can pick up Drake’s utility belt. The only abilities you want to use are #1 and #2. #1 allow you to deploy a stun mine anywhere with a 8s cooldown. You can pretty much keep spamming stun mines with this. The #2 skill will jetpack you to another location. #3 skill applies a hard stun to Nocturno for 3s. Nocturno in enrage mode deals 200% more damage and her Wild Attacks deal upwards of 25k damage so you want to keep her perm stunned if possible. Do not use #4 as it actually summon the abductor droids that will kidnap your companion..


Round 8- Little Gut


  • Little Gut: 414k
  • Apprentice Handler: 46k
  • Bogwing: 12k



Little Gut is a rancor with two attacks that you need to avoid: Overhead Smash and Terrifying Roar. Both will do 20k damage if unavoided and Terrifying Roar has a huge knockback that is pretty annoying. Overhead Smash is a small red circle while Terrifying Roar is a long rectangle AoE that extends across the arena.


Little Guts’s other attack with large damage is Ferocious Slam where a yellow circle will appear under and follow you around. Once this yellow circle disappears, Little Gut will jump on top of you and stun you before dealing the slam that deals ~16k damage. Ths slam is always followed by a throw where Little Gut will throw you over him, which can be annoying if there is a trap behind Little Gut.


Ronum Minkus, the handler doesn’t actually participate in the fight. He just lit up 1/2 of the arena with traps from time to time. One is a flame trap that deals 2k damage per tick while the other is an electricity trap that slow you down significantly. If the fight takes too long, he will lit up more of the room and introduced a poison trap. If your DPS is absolutely terrible, it is possible that the entire room will be trapped and you will hit a soft enrage.


At 70% and 30% Apprentice Handlers will spawn. You need to focus on them as they will try to buff the Rancor (damage buff or heal buff) and also summon Bogwing adds if they are not killed quickly. If you see them giving the rancor a buff (a channel), interrupt them.


Round 9- Doom Droid


  • Doom Droid: 488k
  • Assault Unit AZ-B: 18k



Doom Droid has a giant laser attack called Laser Beam that has a 2.5s cast time and then deals massive damage to anyone caught in the beam, including your companion. It deals about 40k damage so your companion can maybe take 2 hits at most. You may have to use the Kolto stations to them up between Laser Beams or drag Doom Droid away from your companion so it can hit Doom Droid form the back and not take the Laser Beam damage.


The other attack from Doom Droid is Missile Strike, a series of 3 yellow circles that you can avoid most of the time.


From time to time, Assault Unit droids will be spawned. AZ-B will cast a Shock Beam attack which will slow you down, making you a better target for AZ-A that chase you around and explode on you, dealing 50k+ damage. You can interrupt the Shock Beam, CC the droid or just kill it.


The last crucial mechanic is the Pulse Charge. At a certain time interval, Doom Droid will go immune and summon 4 Advanced Combat Units that will charge the node. You have 20s to kill all 4 droids or Doom Droid will finish recharge and instantly kill you. Each droid have 6.6k HP and they are close enough for you to AoE some of them down.


Round 10- Zotar


  • After Shock: 572k
  • Zotar: 252k



Phase 1

Being the last boss of Eternal Championship, the mechanics are slightly more complicated. You fight the walker After Shock first, which has an attack called Fury Mortar that deals 25k damage and spawns 4 Fire Support Droids periodically. These Fire Support Droids will try to target you with their High Powered Laser which deals ~8k damage. Fury Mortar will destroy any droids/kolto stations caught in its circle and the beams from the Fire Support Droids will also kill each other. Using this knowledge you can ignore these Fire Support Droids for the most part.


You bring After Shock to 50% and Zortar will jump out of it while After Shock regens 1% HP per second. Use this time to damage Zortar with your companion. Zortar loves to push you around and has a stacking buff that increases his damage if his target is outside melee range. His Death Field ability will also slow you, something to watch out for later on. Once  After Shock heals to 80% Zortar will jump back in the walker so you have 30s to damage Zortar.

Phase 2

After Zortar gets in the repair walker, the walker will do a 15s channel called Focused Laser. This attack deals ~5k damage per tick and to survive it you either need to pop your defensive CDs (don’t forgot the Unity legacy ability that give you 50% damage reduction) or use the Kolto stations. Another new ability the walker goes is Gravity Mine which will pull you into the middle and slow you.


Bring the walker to 50% again and Zortar will pop out again. This time you want to bring Zortar to 50% to trigger Phase 3.

Phase 3

Once Zortar reaches 50% HP, he will jump in the mdidle and casts Shocking Finale. The entire arena will lit up with electricity except the middle. The electric field deals ~13k damage per tick and is quite deadly. Zortar will continue to knock you around and can push you into the electric field.

Once the walker is repaired to 80%, Zortar will activate its autopilot, which will begin the Fury Mortar bombardment along with Fire Support Droids. You don’t want to stand in the middle when Fury Mortar occurs as that leaves you with no safe room to stand. Instead, pick an edge and try hit some droids with the Mortars.


This last phase can be a bit chaotic but it is short since Zortar doesn’t have much HP.

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