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SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage. This panel will explore the minds behind EA’s Star Wars games including the...

wildstar-gold - SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage

SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage. This panel will explore the minds behind EA’s Star Wars games including the future of SWTOR.

Watch Live at 2 PM Eastern (6PM GMT)

Non SWTOR Stuff

  • 2:06 – Mark Hamil is talking on the stream, not related to the EA Star Wars panel at all.
  • 2:11 – They are calling off Mark Hamill to start the EA panel now
  • 2:15 – Same EA Star Wars trailer shown in E3 2016
  • 2:19 – Bunch of EA directors/producer on stage now, including James Ohlen. Others includes Director of Battlefront, Executive Producer of Star Wars Galaxy of Hero, Director of Lucas Films game team, Senior Visual Director of upcoming Visceral Star Wars game.
  • 2:24 – Battlefront – Great launch, lots of players. Lots of feedback and listening to players. Added new maps, new missions and new customization options. Adding new skirmish mode where you can do alone offline or with a friend. It is coming out next week. Some expansion packs are coming out as well. We started with Outer Rim, and then released Bespin expansion. We also announced the third expansion pack, the Death Star. 4th expansion coming as well as the X-Wing VR mission.
    • Teaser trailer for the Death Star expansion shown.
  • 2:29 – Galaxy of Heroes – EA’s mobile turn based strategic game. Out for only 8 months and already becoming one of the most successful Star Wars games on mobile.  They are planning to add in Rogue One characters to the game. Added guild and raids to the game.
    • Teaser trailer for the new raid shown.
  • 2:36 SWTOR starting now


  • KoTFE was very well received. Great expansion with some amazing moments. We are giving out Chapter 1 of the expansion for free today.
  • Bioware is hard at work, we have something big planned for SWTOR later this year just like every year.
  • Trailer shown of the past 5 years, suppose to have teaser of what is coming up next.
  • Knights of Eternal Throne confirmed as the new expansion coming Fall 2016. Only teaser pic shown at this time.
  • Website for the new expansion:

wildstar-gold - SWTOR Star Wars Celebration Livestream Coverage

  • Some interesting stats shown
    • 87 million characters – 8.4 million Imperial agents, 12.9 million Jedi Knights, 12.9 Million Sith Warriors, 8.6 Million Republic Troopers
    • Over 340 hrs of voiced storytelling, 47% embracing the darkside, 53% channeling the light
    • 1.5 billion played hours
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