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Four teams entered the Wild Card battle for the last two available spots at The International 6. One team qualified already, one big u...

TI 6 Wild Card: One qualified team, one upset and only one spot left for the main event -

Four teams entered the Wild Card battle for the last two available spots at The International 6. One team qualified already, one big upset has already happened and only one series is left to play. If you are not afraid of spoilers then you should keep reading to find out who the Wild Card winner is and which team got eliminated first.

The wild cards kicked off earlier today with compLexity Gamiing facing Escape Gaming and EHOME fighting Execration in the opening series and both matchups needed all  three games to be played in order to decide the victors. With huge stakes on the line no wonder that all teams came more than prepared in this competition, and that showed best in almost all the Execration games, where Abed 'Abed' Yusop‘s notorious Meepo got banned.

EHOME kicked off their Seattle adventure with an interesting first draft that reminded us of TI5 MVP Phoenix and their core Park 'March' Tae-won Warlock. The mid Warlock played by Wang 'old chicken' Zhiyong created a lot of advantage early game with his fast Golem taking towers from Execration, but with the mid game transition the Pinoy line-up started to dominate and so Execration started off hot, taking the first game of the series. EHOME regroupedb with the next two games and drafted more comfortable heroes to secure themselves an upper bracket final. If game two was quite a straightforward Lifestealer infest strategy from EHOME, their third game featured the first Undying at The International 6. Paired with Keeper of the Light and a couple of initiation options (Axe, Naga and Mirana), his multiple Decay stacks made team fights for EHOME really easy and pushed the Chinese team in the upper bracket final.

In the other series, Escape vs coL, the NA team started well taking the first game victory although they had to play from behind most of the time.  Escape’s draft emphasized map mobility with four hard to catch heroes; Queen of Pain, Batrider, Earth Spirit and a Morphling and although Max 'qojqva' Bröcker’s QoP was able to create a lot of chaos with early ganks and very well timed ultimates, Rasmus 'Chessie' Blomdin’s Slark truly made the difference for his team. With the vision advantage provided by Riki and Beastmaster’s Hawk, Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu’s Morph got constantly hunted down and Escape’s chance at a late game comeback never became a reality.

The second game, however, was a totally different story as coL found themselves out drafted and ultimately out maneuvered around the map by impressive  coordination between Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat’ Mirana and  Maurice 'KheZu' Gutmann’s Nyx Assassin. Escape had full control of the game, made early push attempts and cornered coL in their base before the 20 minute mark to push the series in a decisive game three. With the last game of the series Escape got to pick Mirana once more and YapzOr pulled out again an extremely fast Aghanim’s Scepter, despite playing from a supporting position. Nearly free farm during the laning stage, Slark snowballed mid game and Escape easily secured the upper bracket final next to EHOME.

The big surprise came in the lower bracket games where Execration shattered compLexity  and delivered the upset by denying NA’s team a spot into TI6. The first game of the series was a full stomp from Execration who displayed amazing team cohesion while coL looked totally lost despite securing a signature draft Io-Tiny-Natures Prophet with a Ursa carry as they were on the Dire side. The game ended in only 23 minutes with the inexperienced Filipino team repeatedly wiping coL in their own base.

Something was obviously not working for compLexity heading into the second game. First they disregarded Abed’s Meepo with the first ban phase and XctN didn’t hesitate to pick it. From there on, the Pinoys secured a huge teamfight oriented draft with a support Silencer and a mid lane Puck and despite seeing these two huge control heroes coL made a very odd choice of a last pick carry Ember Spirit. The old trick Shadow Fiend getting Souls from Clockwerks’ Cogs was used at the very beginning of the match by coL, some calling it a bit of an exploit, some considering it only game mechanics utilized at full potential. 

But the 12 Souls headstart for SF did not make any difference for compLexity who threw their TI6 chance to Meepo. The youngest player coming to TI6, Abed at his 15 years old is regarded as the best Meepo at this moment and for a good reason. His impeccable performance on the hero with two rushed Dragon Lances for cheap and fast stats simply crushed coL and kept his team alive to fight in the lower bracket final against Escape Gaming.

The first team to qualify is EHOME and they will be seeded in group B while ESC and XctN are still fighting for the last qualifier spot.

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