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Photo by Immortals.ggMemphis Grizzlies’ Co-Owner has increased his stake in Immortals.After Philadelphia 76ers’ bought Team Dign...

Today its Grizzlies turn on wildstar-gold

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Memphis Grizzlies’ Co-Owner has increased his stake in Immortals.

After Philadelphia 76ers’ bought Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming, Team Liquid sold its controlling interest to a group of investors connected with the NBA and other traditional sports. Today, Stephen Kaplan increased his investment in the NA organization.

Kaplan, co-owner and vice-chairman of Memphis Grizzlies, was already an investor in Immortals but this move will make him part of the board. Peter Levin, president of Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games, is also part of the organization. Levin and Kaplan last known move was the acquisition of the majority of Premier League’s Swansea City AFC shares.

Immortals CEO, Noah Whinston, expressed his feelings about this investment on his personal twitter account:

This marks the third consecutive day to see NBA related investors purchase holds on electronic sport organizations. Immortals, founded in September of 2015, represent teams of Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch and Super Smash Brothers.


Do you think new investors will be revealed in the next few days?

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