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It's an amazing feat to be able to represent another world, original or translated, inside of Wildstar's housing system.

Contest Criticism and E-bullying

So I'm probably going to get blasted by the same people responsible for this behavior in this thread, but I really don't care. Sometimes an internet community rises up above its vices and despicable attitudes brought about by supposed anonymity...and others they band together to be the worst representation of what it has to offer.


Since they announced the winners for the House of Haunts contest, I've noticed a disturbing trend across twitter and in game which is honestly just giving this community a horrible reputation as a bunch of e-thugs and sore losers. I can't tell you how many people have taken it upon themselves to go on a crusade to judge people, trying to undermine their creativity and recognition by Carbine by passing it off as unoriginal, ripping off other things, etc, etc, etc. And let's be honest, half of these people probably felt the need to vent their frustration because they didn't win and didn't think of something so cool.


Do you know how many housing plots we marvel at because they can reproduce something we love inside of this game? Tons of them. It's an amazing feat to be able to represent another world, original or translated, inside of Wildstar's housing system. I couldn't dream of making anything as awesome as the three winners of this contest, so I wouldn't dare judge any of them for being 'not good enough' or 'not original enough'...whatever those even mean.


Seriously Wildstar community, you are better than this. The last you want is to limit all of these creative people from making more awesome content for us to enjoy, to share with people who don't know what the housing system is capable of, and ultimately ostracize what should be a small, tight knit player base. Maybe it's a very vocal minority, but that doesn't remove the accountability we should all have. If you're here, it's likely because you enjoy the game and it's something we all share in common. To that end, you should be spending your efforts building up everyone around you because we share that one passion in common.


So to all of those people feeling the need to judge these winners openly, whether via world chat or on social media, I hope you realize that all you did was make yourself look shallow and essentially work to erode the wonderful things Carbine are trying to do with this game. Maybe this thread will stay up so that Carbine can help reinforce a positive environment for all of their players to come. If that's all this accomplishes, then good.


I just know logging on today to see chat made me sorry to be a part of this playerbase and I hope it's not a trend that continues. I for one thought that all of the winners had amazing plots...and if I've missed it, I hope I can see the list of all entries before they change their house b/c I bet there were tons of awesome things being made. #kumbayaandallthatjazz.

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