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Online communities are generally toxic but Wildstar's is a bit different. Because of the difficulty of the game, noobs get chased away and many of the veteran players are nice people. I walked into my 1st veteran dungeon wearing ilvl 65 pvp blues and told my party, I don't know anything about the dungeon and would appreciate advice.

Do it, Wildstar is AWESOME!

This game has great depth and amazing PvE content.


It's about the journey, not the destination.


-The Journey!


This game has a long progression, a great backstory and FREE. Just because something takes longer than other games, just makes it that much more rewarding. 

The game doesn't end at 50, that's just the beginning. Your character isn't maxed just because it's 50, you gotta max your AMP/Ability points! This can be done in multiple ways - Reputation, PvP, PvE drops, buying them off the Auction House - I pvp'd for 3 days during double prestige event and bought all my PvP Gear 2/2 imbued and Amp/Ability Points. If the event wasn't there then I would have spent 6 days. Far from impossible. My server (Warhound-2) has no economy, if I was on Warhound-1 , I would have just bought them off the Auction House. But still, NO PROBLEM. EZ PZ.


Gear progression is also easy to start out but not so easy that every noob and their dogs are decked out head to toe in the best shiz.


PVP - buy 65 pvp set from npc for wildstar gold (when you hit 50 you have more than enough money to do this). Pvp and buy ilvl 70 gears with prestige. Then buy enhancers and imbue the ilvl 70 gear. DONE. (Classes are quite balanced in pvp)


PVE - Once you're 50, start with veteran expeditions. You can solo these easily. OR just buy a 65 pvp set (I did this, saved some time). Next, do veteran adventures for ilvl 68/70 gears. Adventures are like a dungeon but more story oriented. After that, you're ready to tackle the veteran dungeons - these are challenging and rewarding at the same time. They have a very generous drop rate on epic purple gears (ilvl 78/80) but can take some practice to learn so do some research before you try! After dungeons, it's attunement and raids - haven't got this far yet but will let you know how it goes if I do.


Runes - Along with Ability and Amps, runes further customize your build. It's also a progress but not difficult to get good runes - more challenging to get the absolute best.


Combat in this game is fun, engaging and challenging. The PvE content on this game is more difficult than World of Warcraft and truly rivals FF14 in terms of quality.


Challenging game = noobs rage quit = less noobs for us to deal with in the long run =  WIN!


-CASUAL PLAYER? No problem!


The casual gamer gets to have fun every step of the way and explore the epic game and story. Take your own time on the game, this isn't a race - that's how you burn yourself out. You can chill and spend hours on your house if you want, though I'll never understand it ;|


A casual gamer would love this game as much as a hardcore player because how complete it is. And damn son, it's free.


-Wonderful Community!


Online communities are generally toxic but Wildstar's is a bit different. Because of the difficulty of the game, noobs get chased away and many of the veteran players are nice people. I walked into my 1st veteran dungeon wearing ilvl 65 pvp blues and told my party, I don't know anything about the dungeon and would appreciate advice. These strangers took the time to explain every fight and gave me tips on how to play and we successfully cleared the dungeon.


Yes there are idiots in the game, but they're there in every game. The further you get in the game, the more quality people you meet.


Ask a question here on the forum , 100% someone's going to give you a legitimate answer eventually. If that doesn't work, send a ticket! I sent in 2 tickets this past week and both addressed and resolved in a timely manner.


If you're antisocial and don't know how to make friends, then that's your problem. Don't blame the game for your shortcomings.


PvP in this game sucks, it's a cluster*cupcake* and the system is poop. - truth


*Edit* In response to some comments, I would like to elaborate on my stance regarding PvP.


PvP is fun but the system is sad. The amount of effort they put into making so much PvE content and all PvP gets is 3 overplayed BG's? On top of that the idea of rating for normal BG's is a stupid idea.


I had fun in PvP, I farmed all my gear and imbued it 2/2 on the 1st day of the prestige event. But who ever lead the development and thought hype would be enough to bolster the pvp scene was wrong.


Here is an idea of how I'd spice up the PvP system.


I would do 2 things. 


1) Adjust the PvP Queues

2) Create PvP Incentives


Here are the queues I would have in place:

1v1 - Damn right. You don't know the potential of this. All you need to do is make mechanics to detect stalkers after a certain period of time and add a periodic dampening effect which increases damage taken.



5v5 Don't bother, it's always the least popular in any mmo.

Normal Battleground. (What we have now, without the rating but keep the rewards as they are.)

Rated Battlegrounds - For this to work, there needs to be proper incentives, I will elaborate on a few examples down bellow. Until August, I played at a 2200 rating in NA-WoW RBG's (due to nerfs in how much rating you earn per win, that's actually a decent rating). There's always a special place in my heard for 10v10 matches BUT wildstar feels like something which could pull off 5v5 rated BG's because of the high mobility capability of classes and low cooldowns. 


Incentives for rated PvP:


The two biggest incentives in my opinion would be fame and fortune. Here is how you cater to each.


1) Fame: Make an online leader-board. Damnit carbine, you made such an amazing game - you sure as hell can make a simple PvP rating leaderboard online. Also make the board viewable in-game in the capitals. Make a section for each, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and Rated BG. Making a complete armory system would be a bit difficult, but at least something where we can see the builds/runes of the players on the board. Make seasons short (say 3 month duration) with appropriate title rewards for top 0.5%, 5% and 15% or something like that. 


2) Steal WoW's conquest currency idea, I hate it but it works. With the new currency, make a new vendor. Add things which would make people want to PvP and get a high rating. For example: Super fancy armor & weapon costumes (LIKE A BIG GLOWING CAPE OF BADASSERY) , mounts, etc. Make this new currency have a weekly cap which can be earned only in rated PvP. Don't bow to pressure of a raging community and make it obtainable in any other way. There are pro's and con's to making the cap scale with rating, that'll be upto you. Both would work. Make this new currency a type of omnipotent currency which can be exchanged into other currencies for properly scaled amounts but not vice-versa. 


Pay attention to the community. Surprisingly, the class balance is not that bad- I honestly think it's good, but the current system is unappealing. It's awfully casual. Adding Arena rated gears just isn't enough. Many people quit after getting constantly smashed by premades while trying to gear up. By bolstering the incentive for rated pvp, many of those premades would go queue Rated BG's for rating. IF Wildstar is ever going to grow to the playerbase it deserves , you can't half-ass the PvP. 


These are just some things I thought of in a few minutes. You can surely do better

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