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I'm just downloading Wildstar now, despite hearing it's still quite inactive compared to other MMO's I'm hearing some really good things about it! I'm really pumped to get started!

How active / inactive is Wildstar atm?

I'm just downloading Wildstar now, despite hearing it's still quite inactive compared to other MMO's I'm hearing some really good things about it! I'm really pumped to get started!


But I have a few questions, I hope I can get some answers, that'd be great! Also I've played WoW for many years on and off so most of my comparisons will be from that game, hope you don't mind.


-I've heard people say that Wildstar is a lot harder than for example WoW, more like Wow was during vanilla and burning crusade. Would you say that's true? (I guess in terms of endgame content) and if so do you feel like in WoW there will over time be nerfs on difficulty resulting eventually in a more "casual" or easier game? Or do you think Wildstar is staying true to keeping endgame content challenging?


-(Multiple part question)I'm thinking of choosing either a Spellslinger or Stalker as my first class. But I'm unsure of what to start with.


Part A) I would very much like to farm gold when level my first character up to 50. Which class would you say is best suited to soloing farming mobs / dungeons / just general grinding for gold or stuff to sell on the auction house? (I assume like in WoW soloing dungeons for example is a viable way to grind that moonnnney! If so this is the sorta farming gold I'm referring to, just straight up killing mobs for hours at a time.)


Part How similar are Stalkers to Rogues from Wow? And does it FEEL similar also? Or vastly different? I imagine it'd feel different because for one Wildstar's combat is very different from Wows?


-Why do YOU (Who ever you are reading this) still play Wildstar? What do you spend your time doing mostly? And why?


-How long have you been playing?


-How active / inactive is Wildstar atm? (I am certain F2P's launch will give it a surge of new players) - EU side.


-What is the economy like? Stable? Do many people trade with one another? Use the Auction House? Is crafting at the moment useful at all for selling items to other players and making just useful stuff?


-What is considered a lot of money in Wildstar?


I'm even more pumped to play now! And I'm very happy to hear that Wildstar's end game content is actually challenging!


I do have one last question I forgot to ask however!


The game has so much character! And the trailers were all so funny and epic. But how is the lore? Does the game take the lore seriously at all? Is there much story to the game for those that wanna look into whats going on in nexus?


Also Kavi good look with your pregnancy!

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