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I apologize for the rant, but understand that I got my hopes really high with Wildstar and I didn't have that much fun playing it but would stick with it if they left Moxie, Grit and the others in. It's like the game lost it's trademark.

I got my hopes really high with Wildstar

Reason stated for the change are that old system was confusing. How was it confusing? Different stats gave different classes different bonuses. So? Check it up. Was it so hard to read a few sentences? Maybe stats names were confusing because they weren't like in other RPGs, but again, you just had to read a little. Anyone with basic understanding of English language could clear things up in less then 2 mins.


The thing that is really confusing is the new system. Ok, it symplified things by removing base stats that increased the substats, But then made it even more complicated with adding dozen of new substats. New substats don't add anything to the game and some of them even seem to contradict each other. Critical strike and multi-hit? What is DPS/healer supposed to build? Or Glance, Crit Mitigation, Reflect, Deflect? Only thing that this added to the game is a need to get all statistical with supercomplicated formulas to realize that something is either marginally better (or on the other hand that something is completly useles). Also, did you saw the new engi AMPs? Reju Rain is triggered of a Glance but lower level of Sup Tier give Deflection and Crit Deflaction. That doesn't make much sense... I know, I know, it doesn't need to be all connected and cmon.


Devs probably wanted to make game a bit different from other games. Maybe they used the "confusing stats" argument to implement something that they planned before, someones genius idea that would "revolutionise" the game or make them more money in the end(?). They already made the game more distinct from other MMOs by not gaining stats with levels but with equipmen, with giving whacky names to stats and also making stats give different things to different classes. When I stumbled upon this game the stats names like Moxie and Grit, alongside with visualy appealing cartoonish style, were the thing that dragged me to this game. With new system devs substituted confusion that came out of being too lazy to spend 2 minutes of your time to read with statistical conundrum that new substats bring.


With removing stats like Moxie and Grit the game actually lost a lot of its Moxie and Grit (and with it maybe lost some players).


(I started to play a week ago, so I didn't really play in the old system and don't know what were the problems of the old system other than that it was confusing -_-' Also, I didn't check forum threads for or against the new system. Also sorry for any bad English or big words - i type them in google and it recognises what I wanted and i copy them here x)


So the different stats giving different things was really a problem?

It feels like this alongside with quirky stat names could have been the thing that distinguishes this MMO from the others. I'm really disappointed in people right now xD - because of laziness they wanted to change something and it seems to me that they got something thrown toghether just for the sake of change in return. This system doesn't look really thought trough to me. It's like bunch of not really connected things thrown together. I mean there are 4 pairs of defensive stats that don't really work with your AMPs that well (in case of engi). AMPs look like a mass of gray playdough (the kind you get if you mix all the different colours).


I apologize for the rant, but understand that I got my hopes really high with Wildstar and I didn't have that much fun playing it but would stick with it if they left Moxie, Grit and the others in. It's like the game lost it's trademark.


Also I hope they give the copyrights for old stats and system away so some other game can use them ^^


There wasn't ANY REAL problem with the old system.

Even before having 1 alt, I already knew what other classes main stat is and what different stats are giving to different classes - and to be honest I couldn't care less.... So if any1 was confused... well I will just stop there, as anything would be to offensive to put on this forum.


Only real issue were stats... (Here I will use DPS as example, but it was basically same/similar for everyone.) There was soft cap only for AP and sort of hard cap for ST and only different stat ppl were using was CHC (as every different stat was just useless). With endgame gear it was pretty easy to go past soft cap on AP (badly) and very same time to be hard capped with ST. What carbine should introduce with the new patch to not change system completely would be adding soft cap for all stats:

-ST should be changed exactly as it is on PTR


-CHC should just have soft cap added


-CHS should scale better (actually there was soft cap for this stat, but it was so extremely low, that stat itself was useless, not to mention that you needed just too much points for each %)


-AP was just fine, only thing required to adjust overall stat balance was lowering AP% DMG part of every skill in game, to make AP more in line with other stats (or just to lower points/% ratio for other stats)


On top of that we had basic stats, that with milestone system (that was not functioning well after changed gear in D4) were just cherry on the cake and after a bit of polishing could make difference to our stat choices.


As for new system. It basically changed most issues that would fix the old system, the only not addressed (or rather avoided) issue is AP scaling way better than other stats (this is why Augumentor gadgets are waaaay better than ones from DS, or rather DS gadgets are just crap). On top of that we have "double mechanic" stats. As mentioned by some1 before CHC and MHC - are basically same thing, the difference is you can not stack MHS (there is no stat for that - and yes it is an issue).

Is the new system confusing? I don't think so, it's just new. But if old one was, than for same ppl this one should be even more.


Is new system better? In my opinion it is not. It gives you more possibilities, but with so many changes, you could even have more possibilities with old system (without any need to change gear or deeply rebalance every class).


As it goes with costs efficiency probably half resources invested in new system would be sufficient enough to improve old one giving about same effect, investing about same would make just WS a better game, than current PTR proposal.

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