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I have read quite a few topics, but figured i'd ask some questions that i have not been able to answer myself. I have originally started Wildstar when it came out, but all my friends got me to go back to WOW.

I have originally started Wildstar when it came out

I have read quite a few topics, but figured i'd ask some questions that i have not been able to answer myself.  I have originally started Wildstar when it came out, but all my friends got me to go back to WOW.  I haven't enjoyed WOW for a very long time because it feels that the entire game is centered around excruciating grind process with terrible boss mechanics that tend to repeat themselves in almost every single expansion.


So, if you don't mind, could you please answer some of my questions for me?


1) I know leveling in this game takes a while, but is the endgame like?  Does everyone sit in the capital city and waiting to join a queue for PVP or dungeon or raid?

2)  How have the  classes changed since the game started?  Is this like WOW where they change the entire playstyle of your class and expect you to love it?

3)  How is the community overall?  From what i read, i see good things, but still figured i'd ask.

4)  Does the game promote you to have alts or does it try to make you want to stay on one toon?

5)  What makes you want to keep playing this game day in and day out?


To answer some of your questions:


1.   Leveling can take a while, but there are lots of short cuts you can take. As for Endgame players, well, there are all kinds. Some do sit around in town, but the Contracts system means lots of players are out in the world, too.


2. Yeah, not so much. A few tweaks here and there, but if you got used to once, it's not a big leap to get used to what we've got today.


3. Like any place, the community is a mixed bag. The forums are (generally) nice and friendly, though we do have our issues on occasion. In-game, so long as you stay out of the big public, player-made channels, is not so bad. Better if you find a good guild to ask questions.


4. I am an Alt-O-holic, but a lot of this game is character-locked, so you end up farming the same pets, dyes, mounts for each character. Of note, some of these will be account-unlocked at the F2P transition, and with any luck, they will move toward making more things like that.


5. It's funny. It's colorful. I am a casual player, so even two years later I am still finding things I'd missed or over-looked. Honestly, if you've got a couple hours to kill, there isn't a better MMO out there.

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