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Everytime I see a CRB Studios tag in the forums, I ask this question directly to them. Yet, My question does not get answered, but some one else's post talking about chocolate gets a laugh and a response from staff.

I Have Some Questions With WildStar

I would be satisfied with a big "F U, just quit now" from Carbine over absolutely nothing. I swear I am the only one left on Warhound. I want to raid, but I am not allowed to participate in any of that content due to a population issue that is beyond my control. Essentially, my experience as an existing paying customer is gated by a 20 dollar fee.


I may sound like a squeaky wheel, and repeating my questions all over post all over the forums may annoy the hell out of people, but I don't care about that. I care about an answer. Give me an answer, and I will go away. That is the only reason I am on the forums.


What are we going to do about the small amount of players who are stuck on the PvP server?

A) Force them to buy a transfer despite the population issue being beyond their control

B) Close the PvP server and move them

C) Open the gates and allow them to transfer into Entity for free

D) Pretend the PvP server doesn't exist, ignore every post about it, and leave the remaining players to evaporate and find other games.




E) (Fill in your own response)


If you picked A or D, then I need to know so I can go else where.

I'll explain why. People should not be punished for the population issue. Forcing them to buy a transfer when there was nothing they could do about the population other than log in is completely unfair to them. It is a situation that is out of their hands. The right thing to do you be either B or C, allowing existing players to move without being slapped with a 20 dollar price tag or fighting the omni-bit cap for several weeks. 20 Dollars worth of omni-bits is not a simple task you can knock out in just a week. What is it, 795 for a server transfer? Jesus!


It would be one thing if Warhound was full and I simply wanted to move, but it is a whole different situation when I need to move in order to continue playing the game. This isn't a luxury item I am requesting, this is the fact that I cannot play the game beyond dungeons (which I am WAY over geared for), I cannot utilize the market since there is no market to utilize. I can't make runes unless I find every single material required myself because the economy is non-existent.


Some times I wonder if I am still playing an online game.


It is easy for people to say "make a new character" or "just buy a server transfer". Here is my question to those, why should I have to? Why should I just abandon the character I have played for 18 months (I don't play alts, I have one character besides a 50 stalker that I do not play who is also on Warhound) just so I can play the game. If anything, that would make me quit knowing that I am abandoning all that progress. As far as the server transfer, If I bought a server transfer, I would then give in to the fact that Carbine has abandoned me and everyone else on the PvP server and that is not okay.


This isn't about simply 20 dollars, this is about ethics and principle. You can retain your existing Warhound player base, or you can abandon it and allow them to dwindle away while squeezing every last cent out of them that they can justify spending.


How is it that I have played and paid every month for 18 months but as I consumer, I am completely forgotten about and voided of any kind of response to my question?


At this point, I would even take a "Soon tm" If it meant that I knew you had a plan.


Despite all of this, I still log in, I still try to maintain activity in the game. I have thought about giving up and quitting a few times but I never actually quit. I kept logging on and kept playing. I love Wildstar, I enjoy it so much. I enjoy doing the dungeons, even if some people think the rewards are not worth it. I personally don't mind getting no medal in a dungeon if it means that the people who I played with took the time and learned the fights and will do better next time. I don't mind doing adventures or any of the content really. I enjoy doing all of it. I enjoy the PvP, the raids, etc. Some of my most memorable moments were with raids, mainly the people I raided with. I enjoy housing and all the creativity that others have displayed.


I have no complaints about any of the content really. Sure, some things need correction and tweaking, but I don't dislike or hate anything in the game. There is nothing in the game that really bothers me to an unreasonable amount which is probably why I have been around for so long. I am really a simple person to please, so this whole post is saying something.


Other people may not feel the same about Wildstar, or may not be as passionate, but I am. Not sure why, but I obviously am if I am still logging in and at least trying my best to play even when no one is around to play with. I mean, I just spent an hour looking at costume stuff and trying to decide what colors I wanted on my next costume (I like to mix things up). I have logged in to sit in the dungeon queue while playing with housing (or costumes again) and then get startled because I was so immersed in what I was doing, I forget that I was queued and the accept/decline UI pops in my face and blast through my headphones. As awesome as those things are, I am still missing out on the end game PvE which is the only way for me to advance beyond where I am now, Raids. I just can't see myself going anywhere else. The mechanics in the game are executed so much to my liking. No other game has ever met what I looked for in an mmo until Wildstar.


To top it off, I am DS attuned, in DS gear, and I am bound to dungeons! Against my will, with Warhound being my prison.


Sorry for the long post, just please don't let it be in vain. At least provide me something in return. A simple reply would be a nice start and a much appreciate one at that.


My subscription is discontinued from my card, but it officially runs out in March. Please give me a reason to continue it. 

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