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I am a long time player of Wildstar who started in the beta as a Aurin Stalker named Nexxi, bright blue hair and silver eyes. the game back then was incredibly grindy right from the start and was easily noticeable

I say this with the utmost love for Wildstar

I have been watching your progress in Wildstar since the beta for the non-free to play version of the game till now. while many things have been implemented like Ship Hands and Protogames academy, many things you have done has not been in the best interest in the game. i say this with the utmost love for Wildstar and wanting to see it succeed, it is time for me to explain my position in all of this.


I am a long time player of Wildstar who started in the beta as a Aurin Stalker named Nexxi, bright blue hair and silver eyes. the game back then was incredibly grindy right from the start and was easily noticeable, however the devs did infact clear that up slowly over time by adding new ways to level and new ways to enjoy the game in general. but i wanted to mention, the PvP aspect for low levels was by far the best and would have benefited from a undersized party addition. making the normal 20 player PvP able to take in 10 instead with lesser objectives to compensate for the lack of players qeueing.


The same could be said for lower level dungeons. though the dungeon story is a bit different, back when i was trying to level a alt to 50 through dungeons and questing. i noticed something, there was no reward system encouraging level 50's to help lower level players through the content they may want. instead carbine implemented rewards for veteran dungeons for level 50's and made low level content obsolete for them. which contributes to how the community members responds to one another.


Moving on from the issues with leveling in qeues, i want to bring up something i personally fought against here on the forums and you can even look through the logs here on this forums account to see it for yourself. The moment the mega servers were announced several people had mixed feelings, the devs and NCsoft did not ask us if this was something we wanted and instead went ahead and implemented it without testing it thoroughly. thus as a result we ended up with a server experiencing several issues with micro stuttering and constant issues all around which showed here in the F2P version. Similar to the launch of Wildstar on June 3 2014 when the servers experienced a massive influx of players and a DDOS attack. the F2P version was poorly optimized and the servers took another massive hit, either by not having enough resources or by not having the instances required to make sure players did not group up in one area. which i am aware has since been mostly fixed, but thats not the point. the point is it is the second time this happened. it could be easily fixed by re-initiating the idea of multiple servers since you now have a large enough player base to support it which is quite clear.


Next portion i need to mention is the original games crafting systems, runing systems, and overall expenses ingame made by the players with their ingame currency. Before free to play the crafting systems were incredibly complex and needed to be changed, which is something i am quite happy about seeing. but what i see entirely unnecessary was the amount of mats that had been added for such a job, the changes in prices for the basic mats from the vendor, and the prices to actually craft the gear people need. it deters people from crafting and the system became more of a hassle than it was previously, the runing system could also fall into this category. the amount of rune components that have been added have made it far more confusing or complex than it should be. also the changing of the rune slots for gear is nearly one plat for i120 gear and still incredibly expensive in i60-70 gear, making players feel like the rune system just isnt worth it anymore. as for armor repairs and dying armor, this has also been increased in prices which i feel is just a way to try and make people feel pressured into using the cash shop more. all of this could be fixed if you went back to less items for crafting, runing, and brought the prices back down to what they once were overall ingame or compensated for the increase in gold spent.


Lets Recap: Point #1, Qeue times have gotten better but lower level players still suffer from not having 50's helping them all the time because of no reward system. Point #2, Server overloads are quite frequent in the F2P launch right now due to the amount of players coming in. Point #3, Prices and items ingame have been boosted up immensely making it harder for players to do anything.


Conclusion: #1, Implement a system that allows for level 50's to have rewards for helping low level players. #2, Re-initiate the multiple server aspect to help with the server loads. #3, Return prices and items back to the amount they were at before as it was far better that way anyways.


All in all Carbine, i love the way you have done things thus far with other systems but a lot of this stuff im bringing up was entirely unnecessary and i really would love to see it fixed. I've supported you thus far but i cant support decisions like this that drastically alter the game in ways i don't find enjoyable. Your cash shop is wonderful and i applaud you for everything else, but these are things i take quite seriously and don't enjoy the game because of.

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