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Blue circle spawns around the leader for 10 seconds. All group members have to enter the circle. Circle changes it color to green. Timer stops. First player who leave the circle terminates the pause mode.

My long list of QOL Improvements


Possibility to interrupt the timer!

Out of combat

Group vote

Need 4/5 thumbs up

Blue circle spawns around the leader for 10 seconds. All group members have to enter the circle. Circle changes it color to green. Timer stops. First player who leave the circle terminates the pause mode.


Add a starting line in every instance with a timer! The timer will start after the first group member runs over it.


Add details about Medals in Expeditions and Adventures! Why is it possible to add the information in the objective tracker for Dungeons but not for Adventures and Expeditions?



There are so many different teleporters at the capital city spaceport. Totally confusing for new players and annoying for veteran players. Suggestion: One big ship with on console where you can choose between all destinations.  To make it a little bit more „realistic“ you could add one more ship for Farside because it’s not on Nexus itself.


And one more thing: Instant teleports are cool, right … probably it’s only my opinion but this huge amount of teleporters are disturbing me. The persistence of the world is totally lost.  Would it be possible to add some sort of cinematic or animation? Let’s say the ship starts, it rises up, the “turbo dive” is activated, and wuushhhhhhh … loadingscreen … other zone … landing approach! It would be such a cool flair!



Yeah … Housing! SOOOOOO many possibilities and so many good suggestions on the forum. The problem: time! Because of this I have only listed some smart things.

We need some amazing tabs at the vendor:

What’s new?

Recently bought

It would be nice to get something like a „furniture catalogue“

A list of ALL decor items in game with the possibility to preview decor, an information where you can get it from …

What’s new tab

Lot’s of amazing filters: material, color, race, type …

Account wide crate

The possibility to look into the crate from all over the world


PUGs and Contentfinder

Could you add a „Leave Instance“ button? Why isn’t it possible to leave the instance while waiting for a new player or other things. It’s possible to teleport out of an instance with the normal teleport skill and teleport back to it via Contentfinder button. So there are no technical limitations, or?!


Toys and Consumables

Would it be possible to remove the cast time for most toys and vanity consumables? Cast times are always not amazing and I don’t understand why you need them for all the vanity stuff.




Add a “Join Group“ function to the player context menu

Add a function to get more information about a player. Add a „Inspect“ function into the context menu or add a „Shift + right click“ option like other games.

Add a context menu for posted items to let us preview them (housing, Equip …)

It’s not possible to preview a quest



Preview for Mounts

Preview for Pets

Preview for Flairs

Preview for FABKits

If you want to rotate the character in the item preview with the mouse, you will move the preview window at the same time.


The lack of context menus!

There are lot of UI elements with item icons, but without a context menu:

Account Inventory

Contracts (Rewards)

Path Log (Rank Rewards)

Daily Login Bonus



Add a search field



Actually this addon needs a complete overhaul! It’s laggy and looks awful.

Zone Lore

Some categories are sorted incorrectly


Daily Login Bonus

Add a function which scrolls down to the next reward after opening the window.


Level Up Unlock

Actually this addons need a complete overhaul!

More details about new features and systems!

What’s Next?



Add a multi craft function!

I've never understand why the "Achievement Unlock" and "Techtree Achievement Unlock" share the same asset. Especially for new players that´s totaly confusing! And by the way … the asset is totally unattractive.

It would be nice to see more information on a craftin schematic. Itemslot, quality … PREVIEW function



Add a „summon“ button for mounts!

Remove the lists of mount flairs and add some buttons with bigger submenus.

Add a button like „flair sets“,  which adds all flairs of a specific set to the mount.

Revisit the camera positions for pets. Some are too far away or too close.

Remove the cast time for pets… PLEASE!

Add more details about pets and mounts into the UI. Especially where you get them would be nice to know!

Toys tab? 


Account wide …



Add more varied rewards. I really don’t need these ******* rune crafting bags …



"View Achievement" - Button after achievement unlock is still bugged (since release). It doesn´t show the achievement in most cases. My suggestion: Simply put the name of the achievement into the search input!

I would really love to see more rewards for achievements. In general .. the potential of the system is totaly unused. You could add so much content with it only by adding more rewards for achievements. (no more titles, pls)

Account wide …




Add Details about the event! What phase? What to do? How much time is left?

Zone Progress: Has this information ever been right?

Nav Points

You can only set one point and you have to click on it at the objective tracker to see the right direction. It would be better to see an permanent arrow and to set multiple points. It would be also nice to have the possibility to post a NavPoint in the chat or share it with your current group!


Content Finder

I have to say ... I´m really disappointed. First time I saw the UI I thought it would be possible to create and search for groups. But no ... it´s the known matchmaking system with a new (nice) UI. No multi-queue, no new functions. The "Suggested" - Tab is a really good idea for new players ... But it´s ugly and I don´t know if it wil be really helpfull. In my opinion you should show more things with categories and something like that! Combine it with the "Level Up Unlock" .- UI and more ...

There are so many possibilities....

PvE-Tab -> Quests: Could you add an icon for finished subzones as well? It´s a little bit annoying to open every tab to see where you´ve forgotten something.


Add a fourth tab called "New"

Here you can show new dungeons, features, zones, quest chains etc. which were added with the last content patch!

In my opinion this would be really helpful for players who don´t like to visit websites and read articles!


Path Log

Add a function to show the navigation arrow by clicking on a mission.



Add an item set manager!

Add a search field

Crafting Satchel

WE NEED MORE ICONS! The lack of different icons has always been a eyesore for me. Not only at crafting ... But with drop # 6 you gonna reach a pain threshold! It´s no longer possible to see a difference between crafting materials overall.


Holo Wardrobe

Add a function to rename costume sets

Add some sort of effect after unlocking a costume piece



Entitlements: Add some sort of categories or something like that. It’s total mess!


Item Shop

In my opinion you have build it really complicated. Buy an item, go into the account inventory, search for it, bind it to this account, search for it, bind it to this character, open inventory, use it ... Holy Lopp ...

It's not a secret, that the community really want to have more account wide things 


Action Set Builder

Add some sort of background at the AMP screen

Does the window really have to be so big?

Add an “item set/action set” - set tool (after you have added an item set tool)

Add an information about additional Skill Point and AMP Point unlocks for new players.


Account Inventory

Actually this addons need a complete overhaul!

Add some sort of catgeories

Add multi claim options


Commodities Exchange and Auctionhouse

Yeah … there is a ton of good feedback on the forum! It’s a horrible UI!


Rune Crafting

Yeah … there is a ton of good feedback on the forum! It’s a horrible UI!



It’s not easy to abandon multiple quest. You have to click category -> quest -> button every time! It would be nice to get a abandon function at the objective trackers.



Improve the resize option for different UI elements. It’s not fun to search for the tiny area where you can click to resize a window.

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