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I perused the various classes, cinematics, reviews and learned as much as I could for the inevitable day I would get a good PC and play Wildstar. About a month ago, I did.

New Wildstar Player Perspective: a 1 month playing review

**I've only played Wildstar for about a month. I have not experienced ALL the content. The goal of this thread is to give my impression of the game, as a somewhat new player before the F2P launch.**


With that out of the way, here we go.


After first receiving a 7 day trial for the game, only to not be able to play it due to attempting to run it on a hilariously obsolete laptop, I was thoroughly feeling the hype of Wildstar. I perused the various classes, cinematics, reviews and learned as much as I could for the inevitable day I would get a good PC and play Wildstar. About a month ago, I did. 


A month passed, I got to play a fair amount of content. I slowly began to understand the game. For lack of better formatting options, I'll simply do a bullet-point "What I liked" followed by an expository summary to describe my perspective of Wildstar, as a month-old newbie.


What I Liked About Wildstar


- The detail. I'm talking models, voiceovers, the environment, the general presentation of Nexus is mindblowing.


- Innovative combat style. Telegraphed skillshot type attacks require attention to be paid rather than just spamming "optimal rotation macro #1" and occasionally hitting tab.


- Diversity of races. Outside of the lack of visual distinction between humans in each faction, each race has distinct visual and character appeal that make you say "I wanna be a giant rock guy".


- The general crass humor of the game. While "Oh snap, now your enemies are REALLY sh*ttin' their pants" doesn't typically fit into an MMORPG setting, it doesn't detract from the sense of mystery surrounding Nexus and the storyline of the game. It offers a relaxing break. 


- The quality. Similar to detail, the quality of this game is phenomenal. When I look at and play Wildstar, I feel like the creators really poured their blood, sweat, and tears into this game.


- Overkilling enemies explodes them into giblets. Pretty self explanatory.


- Trial-and-error crafting system. It's nice to have a system that isn't just "collect mats, process, receive item".


- Each class feels viable and has a quirk. While I'm sure end-game raiders would disagree, each class feels competitive and balanced from a PVE aspect. 




- Paths make for a fun distraction. Most of the time...


In short, my perspective of Wildstar is that it was composed and polished very well. Ultimately, it's very entertaining, actually fun to play and explore, doesn't take itself that seriously, and honestly is one of the best MMORPGs I've ever played. 


What I DIDN'T Like About Wildstar


- No going back. Get to level 30 as a Warrior and then get bored with it? Too bad, you can't reroll your class, race or path on a character, you have to make a BRAND NEW ONE. Oh you decided you don't like being a Chua Scientist? Too bad, you're stuck with it unless you want to make a new character. -_______________-


- Limited. Action. Set. This thing bugs me to hell and back. I get it, you want to diversify builds for specific encounters. But it's so... limiting... It frustrates me that after learning an ability, I find I simply can't use it. It's as if my character spontaneously forgot the ability they just learned ever existed. Instead, you're stuck using the same, stale moves over and over and over again unless you choose to sub out one of your good abilities for the new one. Lame. Not to mention it takes FOREVER to mess around with it. Skill points need to be reassigned, ability order on the hotbar, frankly it's a huge hamper on the fun factor of combat, in my opinion. I feel like Wildstar would be better off without it.


- AMPs. Similar to LAS, AMPs kind of bug me. There's tons of options, which is cool, however again there's a limit to what AMPs you can have active. Oh, did I mention you have to go hunt for them? *sigh*


- Bring me 10 Skeech bum-holes. Wildstar has a few interesting or humorous quests, but for the most part they tend to follow the "Kill 10 'X' creatures and bring me their anuses as proof" questing mantra EVERY other MMO follows. I find myself getting incredibly bored frequently and simply exiting the game to play something else because of it. 


- Tanking, interrupt armor & ranged trash mobs. Holy hell. I died about 10 times more to trash mobs than I did to actual bosses. A small part of this is due to people in my party not realizing that your cc abilities are to be used sparingly and at the appropriate time. However, the larger portion of my deaths to ranged trash mobs was that, as a tank, they're ridiculously annoying to pull and position without alerting 5 other packs of trash waiting for an excuse to make your rectum into a gym sock. The casting/auto range on ranged trash mobs is so large that I have to run a mile and a half (while still holding top threat) just to pull one away from the rest for my team to focus on. Oh, grappling them doesn't work. Cuz interrupt armor, n00b. 


- The anti-social people. I mean during the leveling process. Everyone seems to be anti-social or a, as they call it, "lone wolf" during the questing process. My theory on part of that is because if you're questing in a party of people, the game will adjust the amount of objectives achieved needed to complete the quest to be proportionate to the amount of people in your party. You thought grouping would be quicker? Naw man, it takes longer. Even so, I run into many many anti-social people who don't want to group for ANYTHING, let alone talk. It's boring.


- The achievement system.

"Achievement Granted!" click here to view!

"Oh, I got an achievement? What for?"


*Starved to death looking for the particular achievement in an ocean of other achievements*


Srsly. Clean that sh*t up.


In short, while Wildstar is one of few high quality MMORPGs out there, it suffers from a lot of pointless limits that make playing it more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be. Between LAS and the fact that I can't change my class, race, or path, I find I can't play the game for more than an hour at a time without becoming bored or disappointed. Even with a combat system that requires more than 2 active brain cells, I get bored with the stale combo of 'open with crappy builder, interrupt that, rampage rampage rampage rampage, repeat' if I want to kill anything and still have time for dinner. On that note, forget about using tank abilities to kill stuff, you'll be dead IRL before the monster you're fighting is. Oh, but if you try to take on more than 2 monsters with a dps or bruiser build, you're gonna die anyways.


I really enjoy the positive aspects of this game, but I absolutely disdain how limiting or annoying specific and crucial aspects of the game can be. It's like someone giving you the keys to a really nice brand new car, but then removing the AC, doors and windows. Sure, it's a nice car, but it's annoying and weird to drive.


You can choose to ignore my perspective if you like, I'm simply putting it out there to educate. I do really enjoy this game and I know plenty of others who would enjoy it as well, but I feel like there are some things that could definitely be improved or fixed, from a new player's standpoint.

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