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It´s all about their skill to inform new and potential WildStar players about all the important stuff they need to know to

One major problem of Carbine: The missing skill to inform new and potential WildStar players

As the title says I would like to clarify what is one of the major problems of Carbine .. in my opinion!


It´s all about their skill to inform new and potential WildStar players about all the important stuff they need to know to

have fun playing the game or decide to play the game (again).

Free-2-Play Marketing


I think it´s not a secret that marketing has been a problem of WildStar since the annoucement. But with the transition to F2P


it has become even worse. In my opinion Carbine hasn´t shared a lot of important details to all the gamers out there.

Why did so many players leave WildStar?

Bad leveling experience

No casual endgame content

Freaking hard and time-consuming attunement quest


PvP problems


What did Carbine tell the press in all F2P interviews?

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

New attributes

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

Streamlined tutorial, dungeons and starting zones

Sell junk button


Let´s be honest: How many players left the game because of the bad tutorial? I don't t think there were so many! So

in my opinion Carbine has advertised to the totally wrong thing. Since the release so many good things have been changed, but none of them has been mentioned!

Here are some example of what Carbine should say:


We´ve changed our raiding conecept: No 40 players raid anymore! Every raid is for 20 players now. Did you have problems with the attunement quest?


No worry! You don´t have to do so many time-consuming different things anymore. It´s really easy to go raiding now.  And by the way: We've updatet all world bosses

on Nexus. They are open world raid bosses for 20 players now with unique mechanics and really usefull loot.


You don´t like raiding or pvp? Therefore you had nothing to do in the end game? No worry! We´ve added a huge amount of end game stuff into the game.

There are lot´s of new solo dungeon, we have collectable pets now, a new costume system, three new zones for level 50 with daily quests, events, world bosses, challenges, story, amazing rewards and more! And if you like housing ... holy chua ... we´ve added so many new decor wildstar items, FABkits, buliding blocks and new features for your housing plot!


Since the release a lot has happened to the performance. We are improving our client with every major content update. Of course we are not finished because you can improve it further and further!


We know PvP wasn´t fun a long time! But we've changed a lot on itemization, scaling mechaincs, rewards, cheating, bugs and other pvp aspects! Some weeks after the F2P transition we will start PvP Season #2 and we think this will be a really good fresh start for the pvp of WildStar.


Since the release of WildStar we've released 5 major content updates with hundret pages of patchnotes. We've collected a lot of player feedback and our priority was to improve many of the negative aspects of the game. We've changed so much! It´s an other game with the same art style now. If you left the game shortly after the release. You have to come back and see what has changed so far. There are so many new things to do for every type of player and it´s all for free soon!


You are a Lore-Freak! We've started the "Nexus Saga" with a bunch of deep new lore, an awesome solo story dungeon and there will coming a lot more ... 


The WildStar Website


One of my favourite topics! It's such a shame to see how the main source of information about this game is completely neglected.

One question: Where do potential players look in order to inform themselves about the game? Yes: The official website! Let's take a look how it looks:


No F2P release date or any "good" overview about all changes ... only some hidden articles and news

Patchnotes for only two Drops

Overviews for only three Drops

No information about things like crafting, housing, mounts, pets, customization, battlegrounds, arena, dungeons, shiphands, world bosses ...


Take a look at this:


The lack of information in the game


Now let´s take a look at the game itself. Many things have changed since release and Drop #6 will bring some new good changes.

But it feels like ... Carbine does only the half of the potential. Some exmaples:


You improved the dungeon medal system really well. It´s not perfect but players can see what to do now!

But what´s about adventures? I guess ... 85% of the wildstar players don´t know what to do to get a silver or even a wildstar gold medal

in Malgrave Trail or Crimelords. We have to look in the tutorial section of the game to get this information ... Why? Why is it possilbe

to improve the dungeon medals but not the adventure medals?


You've added the new Content Finder in Drop #6 with the "Suggested" section. THIS is an REALLY AWESOME idea and totally poorly implemented!

First of all it looks ugly, I hope for an UI update with the next PTR patch. Secondly it offers not really useful information. Visit this Dungeon, visit this battleground ... etc...

While leveling it´s okay! But at level 50 you need to guide new players! In my opinion the time of "read a guide on fansites" or "watch videos" is over. Most players are lazy

and don´t want to surf the internet for information. Some examples:

Add catgegories like "Raiding", "Open World", "Dungeons", "PvP", "Solo" and inform players what to do.


Raiding: Explain World Bosses, explain the Attunement, explain different raids and how to get into them, explain what else you should do for raiding (min itemlevel etc.)

Open World: Show level 50 questing zones, explain events like R-12 or Lightspire ...

Dungeons: Explain the "workflow" of Shiphands -> Adventures -> Dungeons, explain the itemization, explain medals again etc.

PvP: Explain the itemization of different pvp modes, how to start ...

Solo: Shiphands, World Story (OmniCore etc.)

Other: Collect additional AMP and Skill points, explain different currencies (glory, elder gems ...)


What I mean is ... WildStar has so many cool features and amazing end game content. But lots of players don´t know how and where to start.


Additionally add a "What´s new" section into the content finder and list all new things and major updates of the latest Content Drop.


The "show people what to do" thing brings me to the next topic: Loot tables! It´s only my opinion but I think I´m not alone with it. It would be really helpfull to know

where I can get better gear! But it´s not possible because there are no really good and correct loot tables for Dungeons, Raids etc. And the major problem: all of your itemization changes have changed the loot tables as well multiple times. It´s not fun to run dungeons, adventures and raids hundret of times without to know where I can find better gear. 


We also can find a really good example for "lack of information" in the Drop #6 overhaul of the challenge system. If you complete a challenge on PTR ... NOTHING! happens! That´s totaly bad for new players. They will think: Why the hell did I do that? Oh wait there is a chat message ... "120 Challenge points" .. what?! Nevermind ... crazy thing ... Story ends! No new player will understand challenges although it is such a great system. Why isn´t it possible to add a notification like the contract progress popup on the screen. Hey you've won 150 challenge points .. you need 10 more points for a new reward .. click here so see it .. or click here to collect the reward ... 


Another good example: the new objective tracker. I love it, but there is one big problem: It only shows objectives in the range of X. That means the following: If you accept a quest in thayd for Grimvault you won´t see it in the objective tracker! If you accept lots of quests in a quest hub of .. malgrave ... and there is a quest at the end of the zone .. you won´t see it in the objective tracker! A bigger problem: path missions! With the datachron it was possible to see all active path missions and where to go. That´s impossible now! You have to walk threw the whole zone (multiple times) to find and complete them. That´s more than annoying .. it´s terrible.


Don't understand me wrong. I really love this game and I´m a fan of it since Gamescom 2011! And there are really good things which inform new and lazy players in the game as well! But it really seems like Carbine don´t want to have new players. No good advertisement, a complete outdated website and many newby unfriendly game features. BUT! YES! We have a new tutorial experience ...

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