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I want to play this game. I've wanted to play this game since I had first heard about it some years back. I can't help but always feel enchanted by the world of Nexus and the way Wildstar presents itself.

The world of Nexus and the way Wildstar presents itself

I want to play this game. I've wanted to play this game since I had first heard about it some years back. I can't help but always feel enchanted by the world of Nexus and the way Wildstar presents itself.


I'll also be the first to admit I've had a dormant account more than an active one, but I've reactivated it (multiple times) just so I could spend a few days in this captivating universe.


Unfortunately, there always seems to be some sort of problem that crops up with it. I really don't understand why it always seems to have some huge problem that keeps me from staying.


The first time I left, admittedly, was because none of my friends wanted to stick around long enough for optimizations to start kicking in, and they were bugging me about playing other games. So I did. But that was the only time I've left Wildstar because of something other than a technical issue.


Getting the email to join the f2p beta, I was simply overjoyed. I wouldn't feel so bad about not playing this game but once a week or so since most of my gaming priorities are based on what my group of friends all agree on playing at the moment.


However, once again there seems to be a lot of issues that I don't want to have to deal with. The biggest one being the downgrading of the graphics. I cannot explain how disappointed I am with the world not being anywhere near as gorgeous as I remember it being. Everything looks fuzzier, and it just doesn't feel right. I'm not the only one who's noticed, and I'm starting to be concerned on whether or not this is going to be addressed properly, and us being given an option to play on a higher fidelity if we have a high end gaming rig.


The second biggest issue is movement. Nothing feels fluid anymore having my character running around like he has an endless supply of crack in his inventory. I guess that it's okay that there's at least an option to be able to change your movement speed, but even then there's no "sprint button" when you're not in the constant sprint state.


DR I love this game, but I don't feel like I should have to compromise my experience to grow a bigger  crowd. I get making the game more universal, but I feel like you're pushing away your core members with these changes.

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