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We’re nail-bitingly close to the WildStar: Reloaded free-to-play launch on September 29, so let’s take a quick look at some of the events we’ve been working on.

WildStar Events Preview

Before the end of the year we have three awesome in-game events lined up for you. The Hoverboard zPrix Invitational is a celebration of one of our favorite movie series’ of all time, and brings some of that love in-game for players to enjoy. And two seasonal events—Shade’s Eve and Winterfest—allow players of all levels to experience holiday-laden content, seasonally-themed rewards, and fantastical challenges.

Celebrate Shade’s Eve in the capital cities, and then go on adventures throughout Nexus to defeat Jack Shade and prevent a terrible ancient plague from returning to, well, plague everyone on the planet. Head out for daily spooktacular holiday quests, public events, and housing challenges. Players level 10-50 can band together, get scaled up to max level, and head into Quiet Downs—a unique seasonal instance with unique seasonal rewards.

WildStar Events Preview

Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza
The Protostar Corporation is on Nexus in force to celebrate the true reason for the season: CONSUMERISM! Buy things, help Protostar sell things, and don’t let the war on Winterfest undermine what really matters, and that's money. This greatest of all the materialistic holidays will send players on adventures throughout Nexus, culminating in an instance where players from levels 10-50 can teleport to the big shopping spree in the sky—the SuperMall-in-the-Sky to be exact. Get scaled up to max level and rampage through its shops, but try to escape before succumbing to the many overzealous salesclones!

Bonus events are all about giving you, the player, more. More currency, more XP, more items, more often. We can turn these bonus events on and off whenever we like, so we expect to continue adding to the list of bonuses until we have something going on more or less every weekend. Have bonus event ideas of your own? Feel free to send them to us on Twitter.
Power, Prestige and PvP!
Some call PvP the most dangerous game. We call those people easy targets. Lock, load, and jump into PvP during the Power, Prestige, and PvP event to earn double Prestige—the PvP currency you can use to buy AMPs, gear, and cosmetic rewards.
XP X-Plosion!
You know what this one’s about—leveling up! Earn double experience during the XP X-Plosion! event and propel your characters to the Elder Game in half the time.

Great Splott! It’s time to, er, return to the period of time that’s ahead of us with the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational! We love hoverboards, you love hoverboards, and Nexus loves hoverboards, so let’s all celebrate October 21, 2015 the right way: with a hoverboard celebration! Jump on a hoverboard, race for ultimate hoverboard-glory, win titles, win a costume, and pick up the most radical hoverboard ever made!

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