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Wildstar has a very important mechanic that for some reason or another, many people seem to not understand or even see just how important a "MoO" is.

Wildstar has a very important mechanic that for some reason or another



Wildstar has a very important mechanic that for some reason or another, many people seem to not understand or even see just how important a "MoO" is. It was quite understandable to some degree that people woulden't of caught on straight away back before F2P came due to there being no tutorial into any potential "hidden" mechanics that might of existed, in this case the "MoO", though now we have a new small dungeon called the "Protostar Academy" that you can enter into at level 10 and it tutorials you fully into the basics of wildstars combat and what you can expect to deal with in dungeons.


Even though I didn't need to experience this my self due to having already played much of the game, I decided to take a look into this tutorial dungeon just to see what it offered and I was quite surprised and happy to see just how much it can learn a new player whilst adding in some difficulty to see how the players handle it after the initial tutorial bosses, it tried to make sure that players understood what the "Moment of opportunity" mechanic was by making it so they had to activate it onto the stationary boss in order for the players to deal damage and actually progress onto the next section.


Players have always complained about the overall difficulty of wildstars PvE and it's always been listed as "hardcore", while I can agree with it for some reasons, I disagree with it for others. What makes wildstar so hard for its dungeons is that players were more than happy to go in and smash their face against their keyboard and hope that things would happen, players would go as far as to enter into dungeons and not have a single CC skill on their bar in order to deal with mobs properly and instead just hope that they could efficiently face tank all the damage and not care what skill a mob or boss is using.


To get many new players into the flow of things and especially for those that have been use to more slower paced and/or tab target games where moving is at a minimal, the tutorial here gets you to consistently move to a random area where it's free of red (aka red = bad, stay out of it or die and blame the healer, that usually works, right?) all while keeping your dps up, I've seen people that look a bit rigid when they're playing which is most likely due to poor keybind setup, personally I think this game demands good keybinds with just how much you need to move consistently whilst attacking, if you can't efficiently do both then this is where your own personal difficulty will come into play.


I was surprised at the last boss of this tutorial place as it really threw multiple mechanic types at us, going from damage immunity while requiring everyone to kill the mobs before the boss finished casting some spell, setting fires dropping down to the floor everywhere and finally a DPS check towards the end of the fight where he would kill everyone if you didn't finish the boss off within 10 seconds after you brought it to a specific health amount, and funnily enough, my party failed the first time around.


So the main thing with this is that so many players still don't understand the "MoO" even after doing the proto academy, and even the odd amount of people at level cap that still fail to understand this majorly important game mechanic, this screenshot that I quickly looked up tells you everything you need to know within 3 short points.


The main thing people need to be aware of is what skills can be used to interrupt as it doesn't need to be a hard CC like a stun or a knockdown, such as the engineer has the stun, but they also have their "Bruiser bot" that lets you use their active skill to interrupt an enemy which will either take away one of their Interrupt armours or activate the "moment of opportunity" which should turn their hp bar purple and cause bonus damage for I think 4 seconds on the mob or boss, the engi also has a skill that blinds enemys and interrupts an enemy. The medic has their normal stun but they also have a root skill that also destroys an interrupt armour or gives the "MoO" effect, Espers are the same but they have a skill that disarms enemys that will also apply "MoO" or destroy their interrupt armour and so on.


The more players that grasp the "MoO" mechanic and learn to actively stun enemys whilst levelling up and participating in dungeons will have a much better time playing, especially if you was to hit level 50 where you start doing Vet dungeons which may require more communication and having interrupt orders so 3 or 4 of you don't all waste your interrupts at the same time.

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