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Let me say now that I have no specific numbers, but the way I think of it is I want them to have notice but not such of a amount the only way to play comes down to the bonuses. Well here we go .

Wildstar Race Bonuses

I thought about this awhile back but wanted to think it through a good bit before submitting it. With these bonuses I want to add


1. A more immediate presence of lore, such as you have to think about your character and what he or she is and what they maybe able to do better than another and I emphasis "MAY".


2. If a person comes in knowing what they want to do such as heal dps or tank this will give them a small helping hand.


Let me say now that I have no specific numbers, but the way I think of it is I want them to have notice but not such of a amount the only way to play comes down to the bonuses. Well here we go .




1. The Exiles - True Grit (Wait... Can we say that?)

The Exiles know better than anyone else when to buckle down gaining a small bonus to their main base stats the lower their health goes.


2. Aurin - A friendly touch (Whoa! Not that friendly)

Thank to their friendly nature all healing done and received are increased.


3.Granok - Stone Skin (A bit obvious I know)

Thanks to their unique biology the Granok have bonus armor compered to races that have skin and or fur.


4. Mordesh - Alchemist Acclimation (Like them this caption is very serious)

Thanks to their long history as Alchemist they know the best way and place to apply the various medicines and boost to gain the best possible effect out of them.




1.Cassians - Superior (I got it, I flaunt it, and you WILL watch)

In a similar fashion to their Exile cousins the higher their health the greater bonus to their base stats, cause we all know the only reason a cassian does any thing is to show some one else up and fell special.


2.Draken - The Hunt (THE HUNT!!!!)

Due to the Drakens culture were fighting and hunting is a daily endeavor, they fight with every ounce of strength they have gaining a bonus to their assault stat.


3. Mechari - Biological Problems? (I have none)

For they have no blood or flesh the Mechari are less damaged from things such as fire, poison, and atomic radiation you know the reason we organic life forms are so redundant.   


4. Chua - Small and fuzzy (but not all that cuddly)

due to their small stature the chua draw less attention when doing things like attacking or healing a ally.


So what do you think. Like these ideas or apposed to them in their entirety. Maybe their is something you would change like a name or the effect or some thing new entirely. Even if it's the jokes. What ever it is Talk about it below. 

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